Photography Travel Checklist

This travel packing and preparation checklist, though geared toward travel by air to overseas destinations, can be adapted and used for any vacation planning need. There are specific planning checklists on the net for people with small children, kids, going to Disneyland etcetera. There are just too many variables for me to create them all, and since they have already been created, you can find them very easily.

I've always created lists before traveling but this list was expanded created from a one I saw which was published in 2004 on the Microsoft Office web site Microsoft® in Excel™.

Travel Checklist for Plane Trip
Done? Planning the Trip Notes
  Enroll in frequent flyer mileage program  
  Make airline reservations for all people  
  Request in-flight meals for special dietary needs  
  Check auto insurance policy to ensure coverage on rental car  
  Reserve Rental Car  
  Check medical insurance policy for coverage of out-of-town needs  
  Decide whether to purchase travel insurance  
  Make Hotel / Bed and Breakfast reservations. Request smoking/non-smoking accommodations  
  Inspect existing luggage, purchase new luggage. ID all luggage.  
  Purchase or arrange to borrow guidebooks and phrase books for destination  
  Find books, maps needed for trip.  
  Ensure passport or visa is current  
Done? Arrangements Notes
  Arrange for pet sitter  
  Arrange for houseplant and lawn care  
  Arrange for pickup of packages and solicitations left at door  
  Leave emergency contact info and itinerary with relative or friend  
  Get appropriate inoculations for destination  
  Verify available spending limits on credit cards  
  Purchase local currency  
  Purchase traveler's checks  
  Pay bills  
  Put hold on newspapers  
  Put hold on mail  
  Arrange transportation to and from airport  
  Register high value equipment with Customs Office to prove you did not purchase it overseas  
Done? Packing Notes
  In checked luggage:  
  Shoes (walking/dress/beach/hiking)  
  Exercise clothing  
  Sweaters, coats, hats, gloves  
  Shampoo, hair spray  
  Hair dryer  
  Shaving cream, shaver  
  Nail clippers, emery board  
  Insect repellent  
  First aid kit  
  Mini sewing repair kit  
  Travel power plugs/adapters  
  Travel alarm clock  
  Extra luggage space for purchases  
  Download maps into PDA. get paper maps, guidebooks  
  Leatherman tool (any possible sharp object that would be confiscated by screener)  
  Extra camera batteries, AA batteries for flash , or NiMHs and charger  
  Film Changing Bag, 35 mm film extractor  
  Lens (wrapped for transport)  
  Tripod, Monopod, miniature tripod, window tripod, bean-bag  
  In carry-on luggage:  
  Prescription medications  
  Vitamins and over-the-counter medications (travel sickness, headache, indigestion, diarrhea)  
  Extra pairs of sunglasses, prescription glasses, contact lenses & cleaning solution  

Address book/PDA and PDA charger
— Check that maps are loaded into PDA

  Cell phone and charger  
  Camera, primary lens and two others, video camera, batteries  
  Film: slide ASA 50 thru 200; B&W 50 thru 400; Negative 25 thru 1600, Tungsten 160  
  Disposable underwater camera  
  Magazines, books, portable music or DVD player, playing cards  
  Travel maps, guidebook, phrase book  
  Travel neck pillow  
  Snacks and bottled water  
  Lip balm  
  Ear plugs  
  Credit cards  
  Health insurance card  
  Long distance phone card  
  Driver's license  
  Auto insurance policy number and agent telephone number  
  Recent photos of all travel companions  
  Local currency  
  Traveler's checks  
  Airplane tickets  
  Confirmation numbers for hotel, rental car, and other reservations  
  Register high value items with Customs before leaving  
Done? Day Prior to Departure Notes
  Set timers for lights in house  
  Water plants  
  Empty trash  
  Update voice mail and e-mail auto-reply message  
  Update Web sites that you manage  
  Give or throw away perishables from refrigerator  
  Get seat assignments for flights  
  Check in for flight via Web  
Done? Day of Departure Notes
  Lock all windows and doors  
  Turn down thermostat  
  Disable garage door opener or set to vacation mode  
  Remove unnecessary cards from wallet (library, video rental, punch cards, extra credit cards)  
  Check all windows in house as being locked  
  Power-off computer and other sensitive electronic equipment (TVs, cable boxes, etc)  
  All luggage: ensure all pieces have current ID tags and initial vacation hotel information inside them on a piece of paper  
  Set some lights onto automatic timers  
  Set house alarm  

Any time your pack a lens, changing bag, or anything big and metal like a tri-pod into your checked luggage it WILL be opened and looked since the metal and glass causes problems with their X-Ray systems. Stand there while they x-ray it, open it up, go through it, then have them cable-tie it or lock it with your locks before they put it onto the conveyor belt for loading into the aircraft.