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A quote that I made up:
  It's an ugly world out there — that is why most people wear sunglasses

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My pages on history, photography, travel, airplanes and the others topics are as varied as myself. I try to tie them all together whenever possible. My pages are reflective of that goal.

Plan to posted my 2014 Christmas card This still shows my 2008 card - no card 2009 since thru 2013.


Tom's Blog (at Blogspot)

Vitamin and Supplement Businesses

I have been selling Reliv® Vitamins for over 10 years now. Reliv® requires direct person to person contacts to initially set them up for ordering through a distributor in a very traditional direct marketing format. In order to purchase you have to contact me at so I can talk you through the initial setup on how to purchase via the 800-735-4887 (RELIVUS) number. You'll need to use my ID number 246007301 when you place an order. The Reliv® vitamins are then mailed directly to your home. You can also purchase directly from me.

I started selling a line of Shark Liver Oil based products which consist of both nutritional dietary supplements and a line of facial care products in November of 2003. This company has the same type of restrictions as the other firm - no one is allowed to post any details of the products, costs, brochures - nothing. You have to contact me directly.


You have to finance when buying a house and doing so a few times definitely shows you that there is some very severe "legal" rackets that goes on when buying or refinancing a house - or any real estate.

I found two firms that really do a great job of working for you to lower the costs that they control (no one seems to control the fees accessed by the Government or through legal requirements the Government requires but assigns to private companies to complete and forces people pay for these marginal value services again and again whose cost often has no base in reality.)

Jim Champion of Paramount Equity Mortgage, 503-718-1040, 5885 SE Meadows Rd #150, Lake Oswego OR 97035; and Ben West of Preferred Choice Lending 503-336-6500, 9200 S.E. Sunny Brook Blvd. Suite 450, Clackamas, OR 97015 are two firms that I recommend going through if you are looking to purchase or refinance.

Local Rental Rest Estate Property Management Company

I go through Jim McNeeley Real Estate company to manage my properties. Been using them since 2001 and I recommend them.

Where I Used to live

As seen from the topics above there are many aspects to me. A short introductory summary is that I live near Portland, Oregon (this is a commercial web site) where the City of Portland Oregon (Official Government run site) tries to run the place as a socialist, politically correct, "feel good" programs as a way to provide services to people who would never pay ever pay back in taxes what is provided for them - so they just tax others who work and have businesses in the city - mainly by taxing those who live across the Columbia River in Vancouver, Washington.

I've lived in the Portland area 1991 - 2020. If you want to see what Portland looks like in real time you can go to our local TV station KATU and look at any number of traffic / weather cameras to see what is going on around Portland and the State of Oregon. Other TV stations include KOIN, KPTV, KGW and many more on cable. You can take a look at Portland apartments and homes, and see what the neighborhoods are like as well.

More about Me

Tom PhiloThis photograph is of me with my car. It shows my customized license plate "BCNU 6". This is the departing message #2 gave to #6 in The Prisoner series. I've since changed cars and added in decorative holders with different "The Prisoner" sayings on the front and rear plate holders.

You can find out a little more about my by looking at a list of items that annoy me.


I have also started an "Editorials" page on various subject matters.

Custom Greeting Cards

Since 1988 I have always used my own pictures when I send out Christmas cards. The last two years have been a family picture. Others have included me flying a Stearman, view of Lake Tahoe from Heavenly Valley, a memorial stained glass of B-17s in an English church and others.

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How I Constructed My Site since 1992

Information on the philosophy and the methods that I use to construct and maintain my site is in this section.

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Where I Work during the Daytime

My day job is at Bonneville Power Administration (BPA). I work as an applications programmer / client support / research / Business Analyst / go-fer person.

The above page has details concerning that aspect of my daytime life and what it is like to be a Federal employee.

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