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Tom Philo's Editorial Opinions

The tool itself is not evil; the intention of the person working with the tool determines its use.

Editorial Opinion Pieces

I have other pages on the site dealing with pet peeves, general observations (such as traffic circles, RV road travel, parking meters) and I wanted to separate out those types of writing which are a general nature from the more controversial subjects that can be written about.

These editorial pieces will be concerned with the subjects which often polarize people that many hold with belief without facts. I will attempt to give both give my view of the subject as well as useful facts, laws both as intrepreted as well as viewed within historical context when the laws were written, point out the fallacy of the other point of view's arguments on subjects.

In other words, more like a written debate than a single view without justification. I will not state a direct assault saying they are wrong without backing it up. (Unlike lots of talk radio hosts that just rant without coming up with a solution.)

What Prompted This Category

I've listened to AM talk radio - both the left and right side of the dial - off and on for years. In Portland there is really only one left side dial station that is billed as Progressive - Democratic party oriented - which is AM 620 KPOJ. The other talk radio channels around Portland fall generally into the Conservative - aka Republican - camps.

I noticed that the progressives usually rant and rave about what the Republicans are doing - yet seldom if ever offer a constructive alternative to what these Republicans are doing on any of the various projects, programs, laws, that the Republican philosophies of governance which are being transformed into law of the land. This is more of a fault of the hosts since they do not encourage people to call in with possible solutions, but encourage people to call in and complain about the other party which makes better radio when "playing to choir." This talk format is bad for those in the congregation since they will soon leave once they find out the talkers have no solutions but offer only rants. But then, misery loves company.

I also have noticed how some of the conservative talk show hosts conveniently leave out critical bits of detail when making their arguments as to what the Federal / State / Local Government is doing when it suits their argument more - as any good debater does. But overall they usually back up their points with facts and figures that on their initial talk of the topic so it comes out well balanced and delivered within a context which allows it to win over those Liberals who are listening. Facts along with good verbal delivery will win people over as compared to airwave rants without balanced facts. Someone complaining and then proposing a solution or an effective alternative process / law to what is being billed as "bad" wins in the end.

However, both sides - by design - never let those bits of facts that do not support their view ever get onto the airwaves of their talk show since it could defeat their argument. No different than a good debater does not bring it up but has prepared in case the opponent does.

My Views

I will be stating views that at times are definitely not what the Republican party is promoting. There are also times I will be against what the Democrats are espousing as the best solution to a problem since in many cases the long term - like 50 to 150 years from now - it will cause problems.

I hope to air my views and solutions to issues equally to both sides.

I think you can compare many talk radio or solutions to problems presented by either political party as if they had planted a forest in a desert who then complain when it catches fire and then try and legislate rain to fall to put it out.