Tom Philois annoyed with . . .

Traffic Engineers Seem to NEVER drive the roads they design

Do you ever wonder if the designers of these roads ever have to drive on them on a daily basis?

Road Rules

They look at the "rules" they are to design any road by and will not vary from them.

I've watched them build islands to isolate traffic lanes but of course they designed it so that only 10 cars can be in the turning lane at a time. Routinely 15 cars were in the lane BEFORE they built the protective island. Now the cars waiting to turn back up into the thru lanes whereas before they just backed up into the center dual turn lane.

The rules stated only 10 cars so that is what they built.

Field Work

Studying traffic figures alone does not eliminate field work but that is not how they are trained now-a-days. They go to the current engineering traffic manual of rules, pull out what it says that needs to be built, and follows the rules blindly.

Live the Real World

I think before someone is allowed to design any roads they be given six months paid vacation off from Oct Thru May and told to drive roads in the States, in Europe, and Africa (and to scare them Italy). This will let them see how other places get the job done a lot easier and cheaper than the way they are taught in school. Also give them a car that has no air-conditioning or a lousy heater so at they wait at all the lights they design into the roads they can freeze and fry waiting for the lights to change!

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