Tom Philois annoyed with . . .

People Driving RVs on Mountain Roads

Have you even been driving behind a large RV (Recreational Vehicle) on a twisting single lane road and could not pass?

In the West there a lots of these type of roads. The Rockies can get rather tall. Take the largest hill on the East coast and triple it in size — these are the foothills out here. During the summer you will always end up behind one of these slow moving behemoths.

Fortunately, around every five to eight miles there are passing lanes. However, the RVs drivers have a habit of speeding up in the passing lanes! They will drive 35 to 40 on the curves and once they see a passing lane (downhill of course) they STOMP on the gas to make up for the slow speed they drove on the curves!

I have seen them accelerate from 35 to 65 in these lanes! Of course these means those following behind have to get up to 75 to 85 to pass them in the one mile or less of the passing lane.

Driving Rules

In Oregon it is the law that if more than five vehicles are lined up beind a vehicle doing less than the speed limit that vehicle is to pull over at the first turn-out lane and let the other cars pass.

This is rarely done.

It seems that RV drivers almost NEVER will go to a turn-out to let those behind pass them by. I've been behind some RVs coming from Lincoln City and watched them go by all 8 turn-outs and never use them. There were some 30 cars traveling behind them. The road here is hilly, contour following country style and thus they were doing 35 to 45 in this 55 zone.

There are two passing lanes along this route till you get past Spirt Mountain Casino and both times this RV sped up to 60 in this only straight section of the road — and only two cars got by him each time.

I wish there was a way to ensure that if people drive 35 in the curves they can only drive 35 in the passing lanes!

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