Tom Philois annoyed with . . .

The FAA and Implementing Changes

Did you notice that it takes the FAA almost 10 years to make a major decision? By the time they have finished studying all the possible outcomes of the technology they were planning to use it has already been superseded and is out of date!

It would be better for them to just limit the study time to one year and if they cannot make a decision scrap the whole project since that means it is TOO complicated to use! If no one can decide if it will work it won't!

If they can see that it works after one year then field the stuff and use it rather than spend our dollars for years and years studying it and then scrap it like they do anyway.

GPS Implementation Example

A good example of this was their solution to point to point travel. GPS was there and working for a whole lot cheaper and much more reliable than what they were planning. The hue and cry was so loud to get GPS implemented that for once they did not STUDY IT TO DEATH before adopting it.

This was a very rare occurrence for them.

It also makes you wonder if they are in a vacuum since they were not even studying it!

From Dec. 12th 1999 Aviation Week article about ATC automation. . .
"Some are concerned about the risks from computer hackers with such a connected system. (A spokesman) said that with the current FAA software, it's not a problem. A recent White House panel on security concluded that (the) software is so out of date that no one could possibly hack into it."

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