Line of Penny Farthings

1998 Portmeicon Six of One Convention

Portmeirion Village and the Tidal Area beyond as seen from the Gazeebo in the woods.

Click on the picture above to download this picture of Portmeirion Village seen above to use as a desktop image. I placed an appropriate saying over top of the image in keeping with the TV Series. It is a very high-resolution image and tops out at over 192K in size.

Some pictures of the 1998 convention.

The chessboard seen through an arch
Two "Village" residents
Election Parade
Queuing up to hear a speech
No 6 has them mesmerized
View from above
No 6 in the minimoke
The stone boat speech
Our Leader No 6
No Escape
Chess Players
In character, part of the Liverpool group

These images and others I made into a free Prisoner Screen saver that you can download. The images of the 1998 convention are much larger in the screen saver program than on here (640x480 in size) - and not as JPG compressed.

I took many rolls of pictures while there both in 1997 and in 1998 of both The Village, events, re-enactments, and the surrounding North Wales area.

Line of Penny Farthings