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JG 26 "Schlageter" - A Short History of this Luftwaffe Fighter Unit
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IP Woes Poem about the Internet
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Pet Peeves Contracting Out Services Hidden costs that are never mentioned by Government and Private firms
Bonneville Power Administration BPA
Pet Peeves Loud Commercials and the FCC
Pet Peeves Insurance and what it is really is all about.
Pet Peeves Metered On-Ramps to Highways
Pet Peeves Parking Meters
Pet Peeves Vehicle taxes and why the methods they use to base your tax is illogical.
Pet Peeves Property taxes and how they should be calculated.
Pet Peeves My idea on how to Stop spam
Pet Peeves Traffic Circles (Round-abouts to others)
Pet Peeves RVs (RV = Recreational Vehicles) on Mountain Roads
Pet Peeves Traffic Engineers who NEVER seem to drive the roads they design
Pet Peeves The FAA and how quick it makes decisions
Site Construction Method used at Tom Philo Photography
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Tom's Theory of Management Equilibrium


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Design of the US Military allows it to Win Battles and Lose Wars


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