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AMA Region XI 2001 Scale Masters Competition at Lenhards' Field

Pictures of the Regional 2001 RC Scale Masters was held at Lenhart's field (outside Hubbard / Aurora) Oregon over the weekend of September 21-23.

My Barnstormer's RC Club helped run the event (along with many other local clubs.)

Tiger MothTiger Moth biplane passing by the judges.

P-38 Lightning LandingP-38 Lighting on final with a wing low but no prayer needed.

P-47D ThunderboltRepublic P-47-D Thunderbolt awaiting order to fly the routine.

P-51 Mustang cockpit detailNorth American P-51-D cockpit detail Scale detail has advanced to incredible heights of workmanship since the early 90s.

Lineup of various aircraft in the pits.Variety of model aircraft in the Pits at Lenardts' field. Pick an aircraft era and there were aircraft there.

The Raffle prize (the P-47D aircraft)The raffle prize of a P-47-D for some lucky model aircraft flyer.

Full scale Stearman fly-by during noontime show.Full scale Boeing Steaman bi-plane on a flyby during the noontime airhshow. Nothing like comparing a model to the real thing.

JU-52M on a fly-by for the judges.A Junkers 52 on a slow pass flyby for the judges. It is definately getting harder to tell the models from the full size aircraft.

Two of the Barnstormers who volunteered to work during the Scale Masters.Two Barnstormer members who volunteered to work during the Scale Masters. Volunteers make these events happen.

Here are just a few of the four rolls of film that I took during the event. A full scale P-51D, Stearman, Beech Staggerwing and an AT-6 were also at the show.

Only the 51, T6 and Stearman flew during the noontime show. But as you can see from the Stearman picture - - taken with a normal 50mm Nikon lens, they did fly close!

This is one of the advantages of having a regular airport be used to host an RC scale competition - - you can get close to the full scale aircraft by just following the normal airfield restrictions.