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Announcing your Wedding In the Portland Area

To announce your wedding in the Oregonian write to: Bridal Desk, The Oregonian, 1320 S.W. Broadway, Portland Oregon. Or call them at 503-294-4055 or web is You must send in a picture within four (4) weeks after your wedding for them to publish the announcement. They charge for these wedding announcements.

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Jodie at Timberline Lodge noonday wedding, Mount Hood, Oregon
Jodie at her wedding on
Mount Hood at
Timberline Lodge





Chocolate deserts with rasberries and edible flowers await eating at this Portland wedding.
Edible flowers garnish
this Portland Wedding
desert layout at the Hoyt
Picnic Shelter wedding
in July 2005.

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DJ Services

The reception is where picking a good DJ really helps the bride and groom celebrate their marriage with their friends. The music really does set the mood and a Disk Jockey with a good collection of CDs is a must. The DJ is also a Master Of Ceremonies at times - doing announcements, setting the mood, telling jokes and other items.

You should also bring your OWN CD if you want to hear a special song. There are lots of songs out there and a DJ certainly has a lot, but it is very doubtful if they have everything.

Talk to the DJ and find out what kind of music he usually plays. Ask for a play sheet of the records that he has. This will help determine if the music that he has is what you want played.

No endorsement is made toward any of these DJs. They are just some of the ones that have played at weddings I have attended. I was very busy photographing to take critical note of how well they did overall. I do coordinate with them (for photographs and timing etc.) and these people I had no problem working with. People did get up and dance for at least 1/2 the time music played which is about normal.

A site to find Wedding DJs is WEDJ.COM. It is both a DJ and photo referral site. I am listed on there.


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If you do not regularly attend a church and therefore have no regular minister who is sanctioned by the state to marry people, there are many people who can officiate and legalize your wedding vows for you.

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If you do not have a web site to share your pre-wedding, wedding, and honeymoon photos with there are now firms that make it easy to create and maintain your own web site for your event.

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In any wedding there is a need for some jewelry.

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Please see the Photo Sources page for wedding books, stores to get reprints, framing and other post wedding needs for photos that were taken.

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