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Sample Wedding Day Sequence

Flow of the day

Every wedding is different - - the people, the lighting, the church and the symbolism that the couple wants to present all play a part in how the day(s) flow. To that end, the following rough sequence of events (together with my wedding photography check list) will help you start thinking about how you are going to sequence events. This is one reason why I always attend the rehearsal - - I can watch and see when I can - - and cannot - - take pictures due to the sequence of events. If I am in one place to take a picture I may not be able to move to a different location to take the next picture in time.


Arrival and setup (night before and day of)

The Wedding

The Reception

During the reception between events I try and take the bride and groom outside and away from the inside proceedings to take some pictures outside. Most reception places have good outside backgrounds that are less distracting when taking portraits than inside a reception area. Another reason why I also scout out the reception location before attending a wedding so I can find good backgrounds to pose the couple (or group) against.