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Sample Wedding Photos

All images can be viewed in a larger size by clicking on them. The files sizes are from 20 to 50K in JPG format using 15% compression.

Using a natural light source

By using the window for indirect lighting I was able to obtain some great portraits here. Notice how by just changing the orientation of the camera the resulting image has a totally different feel to it. The image on the right was taken using flash along with natural light.

a glance.jpg (20024 bytes) poised with flowers.jpg (23487 bytes)

Natural and Flash

Taking the group images indoors using natural light has its limits. As some got father from the light source a flash must be used. The two on the right used fill flash to ensure proper exposure.

admiring the bride.jpg (21343 bytes) bride and bridesmaids.jpg (18228 bytes) the brides party.jpg (21938 bytes) peeking around the flowers.jpg (36289 bytes)


The reception hall has an outdoor atrium where we went to take these casual images.

casual portrait.jpg (20098 bytes) quiet moment.jpg (18073 bytes)

Hotel furniture

The hotel had some interesting furniture. I arranged the basic poses and they did the rest. The last image I had them look over a balcony.

on the settee.jpg (24230 bytes) on the settee 2.jpg (23275 bytes) husband and wife.jpg (18444 bytes) in the atrium.jpg (21367 bytes) on the balcony.jpg (18229 bytes)

Food pictures

Wedding cakes are always different. This one was stacked very high. The chef for the hotel also was creative in making hearts out of the watermelon. The topmost layer of the cake is eaten a year later but the bride and groom get to taste the lower layer of the cake first.

wedding cake.jpg (24719 bytes) one year wait cake.jpg (15367 bytes) watermelon hearts.jpg (20938 bytes) sharing cake.jpg (22258 bytes)

Outside Photographs

The reception line outside the church is always an interesting place to take pictures. This wedding ended in late afternoon. The sun was out (we are in Oregon) so I was able to use the natural sunshine to my advantage. The last image was them in the limo. A flash is mandatory in here along with using a wide-angle lens. I used a Nikon 24 mm F 2.8 to get this shot.

posing for friends.jpg (33473 bytes) that knowing look.jpg (20865 bytes) back-lit couple.jpg (20487 bytes) running to the limo.jpg (30709 bytes) in the limo.jpg (19617 bytes)

Other decorations

While the bride and groom are meeting well-wishers other friends are outside ensuring that their vehicle is also decorated to greet the couple when they leave. The finished product and caught in the act of tossing over a roll of crepe paper.

decorated truck.jpg (36424 bytes) decorating the truck.jpg (28982 bytes)

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