Sample Wedding Images

Sample Portfolios

After the vows a groom gives a Thumb's Up signal to his friends.

Each of these links go to a page with 8 to 15 various images from a single wedding.

This next series of images were taken in a Portland park along the Willamette River. They show the same woman in four different types of wedding gowns. It gave her a good idea of what she would look like in each before purchasing one to keep.
Sample images of a bride outside
Sample images of a bride outside (continued)

Group shot of friends of the bride at the wedding reception

I am at the wedding to photograph whatever type of image that is wanted. In this case we gathered all the friends outside for a group photo. I arranged all of them into a pleasing arrangement and took the image long after the sun went down.

I have no set "package" for a wedding. I take as many image as is needed or wanted following the checklist.

I let the couple decide (using my checklist) to ensure that the photos that you want I do indeed take.

A new family group portrait after the wedding at the Portland LDS Temple. I arrange all the people to ensure they can be seen.I also use black & white film to take pictures. B&W film has has a different tonal quality and feel than color images as can be seen in this Portland Mormon Temple (LDS) group portrait of both families taken at the reflecting pool in the fall of 2004.