Wedding Dress Samples 3

Samples of my Photographic Techniques

The style of a wedding dress can convey a story in of itself. How a woman looks in the dress, as everyone already knows, is always different in the real situation than in a store. In this case there are four different wedding dresses being worn and how they look dramatically alters how the camera sees the woman - - but also how the woman sees herself.

If the bride to be has an opportunity, have someone take pictures of her in the wedding dresses as she tries them on so she can really see how others will be seeing her.

Some of the images were taken for my own artistic reason. This is true for those images where she is very small in the picture composition. In these cases she is not the main focus but the overall scene where she is but one element of the scene.

02a.jpg (81628 bytes)Bridal Train and Back of Bride

 08a.jpg (69715 bytes)Bridal Train down the stairs 

14a.jpg (89402 bytes)Oregon Tree with a bride

 17a.jpg (56252 bytes)A medium sized bridal train

20a.jpg (91149 bytes)A wedding dress and stairs

 21a.jpg (95799 bytes)Wedding dress on level ground

 29a.jpg (73511 bytes)A dress in a field of green

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All the pictures seen here were scanned in from the 4x6 inch glossy print as returned by Suburban Photo in Beaverton. Scanning from the negative itself would produce even better images. However, to see the quality each image would have to be around 500K in size on the web and that is impractical.

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