Wedding Dress Samples 2

An Afternoon in the Park

These images were taken for the benefit of the woman so she could see how she looked in these various wedding dresses. We spent a whole afternoon out in a park overlooking the Willamette River. I would take around 20 images using my three cameras and then she would change into another outfit. (I took slides, black and white and color negatives, which are the ones seen here.) Some angles and locations we would repeat for each dress so she could compare them fairly but mainly we went to different areas and took completely new photographs in a new setting.

Some dresses just looked a lot better when the train has something to flow across.

However, some photographs I took purely for my compositional interests. she is very far away in the frame and cannot even be recognized as to who she is. The dramatic afternoon lighting and the trees allowed me to create some unique "art" compositions.

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