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Jim's Wedding

When I do a wedding I do not take just one image of the group. I will take multiple to allow for shut eyes, people looking away, etc. It is much better to take a few extra images for "insurance" than have a picture that has one person's eye's shut. In each of these one man was partially hidden each time. I had to get him to step to his left a bit each time so I could fully see him.

Family_01.JPG (61760 bytes) Family_02.JPG (62020 bytes) Family_03.JPG (57805 bytes) Family_04.JPG (70485 bytes)

Sometimes you have cut "cut-off" parts of people in order to get a reasonable image size of them. In many cases I will do both a close-up "cropped" shot as well as a full body shot of a group whenever possible. The idea is to give you as many choices as I can.

Family_05.JPG (49177 bytes) At_the_Rose_Garden.JPG (54976 bytes)

After Jim's wedding we went to the Portland Rose Garden and took more pictures. As in all my wedding images, I arranged the group or couple for all the formal pictures.

Garden_Portrait.JPG (59128 bytes) At_the_threshold.JPG (45101 bytes) Bridal_glow.JPG (69513 bytes)

The Rose Garden pictures were taken late in the late about an hour before sunset. We were lucky in that the sun had not yet disappeared completely behind Vista Ridge yet. I was thus able to use some good back lighting for the portraits.

All images can be viewed in a larger size by clicking on them. The files sizes are from 20 to 50K in JPG format using 15% compression.

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