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"Remember, photographs and / or videotape will be the only tangible, lasting memories of your wedding, so resist the temptation to skimp on these services in order to save money." Bridal Guide, July/August 2004, 25 Golden rules for a Perfect Wedding.

Timberline Lodge Wedding, Mt. Hood Oregon
The bride walks along the path to her wedding at Timberline Lodge on
Mt. Hood. At an elvation of 6,000 feet it is almost always sunny in the
Bring suntan lotion.

At an Oregon Coast Wedding - After the vows a groom gives a Thumb's Up signal to his friends.
The groom gives a "thumbs-up" after the vows.

Capturing the spontaneity of the couple means being prepared — which allowed me to "grab" this image as the couple walked back from their Oregon coast beachfront wedding at the Inn at Otter Crest last summer.

A wedding is a combination of both posed and "grab" shots.

Bubbles float above the happy couple as they leave the church.Wedding Bubbles in the air. Capturing the whole wedding is the goal. And getting humorous or unusual photographs is something I am always striving for. I am always open to suggestions from the bride and groom as to what pictures they want and I then work to accomplish that goal.

Here, I waited till two bubbles worked to my advantage from a hillside and snapped away as they floated into the correct position.

Of course there are always some posed pictures.

Rivka Striking a pose under the direction of Tom Philo as he photographs at the fountain at the Portland LDS temple.


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Joanna and her new HusbandJoanna and Husband. For a large extensive wedding over multiple days of photographing it is best to go with my flat rate photographic fee of . In addition to the flat fee, for every roll of film that I shoot during a wedding I charge