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Glenn Jackson Bridge over the Columbia River between Oregon and WashingtonGlenn Jackson Bridge

. I currently have over 40,000 images in my collection. The images cover many subject categories. Some of the major ones include buildings, aviation, scenics, and historical studies. The historical ones would include monuments, sites, bridges, memorials and similar type images.

I have visited historical sites from Gettysburg, Bull Run, Hastings, Bastogne, Normandy, Warterloo, Deadwood, St Louis, Washington DC, Mt. St. Helens plus numerous other locals between them. In additon to histroical sites, I have been to many cities in the US and in Europe. From Fairbanks Alaska to Fort Huachucha in Arizona. From Monterey California to Munich Germany and many other towns, cities and villages.

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1996 Reno National Air Races
1994 D-DAY commenoration
World War I battlefields
Virginia City Railroad of Nevada
Over 100 images of covering many categories

African Gray Birds are the smartest of the birds. They have good taste in many things.An African Gray makes his wine choice. As can be seen there is no one subject area that I specialize in.You can go to the main page in my pictures directory to see more image samples, view images with captions and background information about them and select to view 50+ various images.

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