Negative, Slide and Print Scanning Costs

The Need to Scan

If you have negatives, slides, prints or other images that you need to use on the web, in publications, or just to have a digital record for yourself I can digitize them for you. A good example is if you have family albums with prints in them but you have no negatives I can scan the whole album and turn it into a TIF and PDF document that anyone with a computer can then view.

Always send items via FedEx, UPS, or if USPS registered (and insured) 1st Class Mail.

I will scan them and return them to you also using any mailing method you prefer. I will return the scans on a CD or DVD as total image size dictates.

Digitized images can always be e-mailed back or posted to my site for download if you need a quick turn-around.


I use an HP G4050 flatbed scanner with the negative/slide attachment.

The G4050 flatbed scanner is well suited for scanning prints up to 11 x 17 in size.

The maximum hardware resolution is 4800 x 9600 dpi. Variable through interpolation to 999,999 DPI.

Images larger than than the size of the flatbed can be stiched together via software.

Image Size of Scans

A 2400 DPI scan of a 35mm negative or slide can result in a 24 megabyte uncompressed TIF file. Various image film formats, scan resolutions, and output quality settings can result in vastly different file sizes.

A 300 DPI scan of a 11x17 print image easily will require 11 megabytes if storage space on a hard drive.

Output Formats

Output from scanning can be in many graphic formats. Scanning of documents goes are usually saved in the TIF format to avoid any color loss. I can then convert the outputted TIF into PDF if required. No additional charge for the conversion.