A mother and her two daughers.A mother and her two daughters. This group portrait was taken outdoors in their backyard.


Mother and daughers taken with B&W film.Taken same day but using Ilford Pan-F B&W film. Since I have multiple cameras, I can take pictures using color, slide or black and white film all at the same time. The three of them wanted black and white images in addition to color prints so I took along a 2nd camera loaded with Ilford B&W film. Each photographic medium has a different quality. There are times when B&W film is actually superior than a color image.

I also do High School Portraits for people. In this case Maria did a few costume changes.This allows a person lots more images to choose from. These were taken outdoors and in one image I had an assistant hold up my backdrop while I took the picture.

Maria. Photographed outdoors. Unretouched straight image. Maria, unretourched image taken outdoors using a photographic backdrop behind her.Kayla, natural sunlight outdoor portrait.Kayla, after costume change outdoors at McMenamins Edgefield.

Family Portrait

Portrait Locations

When I get a request to photograph an individual , or a family, for a portrait I can travel to your residence. In this respect it takes more time and effort on my part but it is rewarded by you being in a familiar place - - your house.

(Taking pictures of a family reunion would fall under my Assignment category work.)

We can also arrange it to meet at a site (outdoors or indoor location) where you want your portrait taken.

Couple in the Portland Oregon Rose Garden for their Christmas Portrait fof 2004
Portland Rose Garden
Christmas Portrait

For this couple we met at the Rose Garden on a Sunday afternoon and used that location to take pictures.

I will take informal portraits using whatever background and features that is available. I can also set up a neutral backdrop that allows the portrait to be created if the background is too "busy".


I charge a sitting fee (1 roll is included in this initial fee as is a CD of the images in JPG format) plus an additional