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Reno 2001 National Air Races Photos

All images can be viewed in a larger size by clicking on them. The files sizes are from 20 to 50K in JPG format using 15% compression.

The National Air Races of 2001 was stopped, just like all air travel, as a result of the September 11 Kamikazi attacks.

Prior to that point, I was able there for four days and was able to take some photographs before that Tuesday.

A pilot watches the biplanes already flying

Aircraft restoration in a Stead hanger

AT 6 Mystical Power races past home pylon

AT 6s lined up and running up

AT6 Mystical Power and Pilot prior to racing

Big Red race number 5

BiPlane and Forumula 1 hanger works

Capitalist Pig logo on L39 Albatross Pace Plane

Critical Mass landing

Czech engine run up

Czech L39 Race 15

Czech Mate Race 86 landing

Dex Denney waxing his aircraft

Engine work on Mis Stress

Hawker Sea Fury Race 66

L39 Albatrosses on turn 1

L39 Front Cockpit

L39 Race 22 nose high on landing

L39 Race 22 passing

L39s lined up

L39s on runway prior to demostration flight

P 51 Dago Red on the course

P 51 Strega under canopy undergoing maintenace

P 51D Lady Jo finishes gear procedure after takeoff

P 51D Merlins Magic engine change

P 51D on the Ramp

P 51D Precious Metal 02

P 51D Precious Metal

P 51D Precius Metal on tow after flying

P 51D Risky Business and a parachute 02

P 51D Risky Business and a parachute

Prop reflecting clouds

Race 19 Pilot Craig Sherman

Race 21 landing

Reno Clouds at sunrise

Sea Fury Furius engine smoke at start

Sea Fury Furius Race 15 on the tarmac

Sea Fury September Pops

Smoke and Thunder brake repair

Sparce Race Fan stands

Sun Hats should always match the aircraft

The many tails of Reno

Thunder Mustang 69 running up

Thunder Mustang repair

Tom Philo on Risky Business

Yak 11 on the taxiway after a run around the pyons

Yak 11 Race 27 landing

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