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Cancun Mexico during Spring Break 2005

Portland Rose Festival 2000

Mass formation of Sheriff Posses in the Rose Festival in Portland OregonSheriff's Posse in the Rose Festival.

Portland Rose Festival 1999


B17 on landing approach at Aurora AirportBoeing B-17G Flight pictures. I flew in "909" in June of 2000 and took four rolls of film during the 40 minute flight.

I also have pictures of the B-24 Liberator.


Page with other World War II bombers that I have seen and a page for the Avro Lancaster British Bomber that I photographed and did some videos of in the United Kingdom at East Kirby Museum and the RAF airbase where one of two flying Landcasters in the world is based.

BF 109 Messerschmitt Photographs
P-51 Mustang photographs
F8F Grumman Bearcat Photographs

Reno National Air Races 2000
Reno National Air Races 2001
Reno National Air Races 2002
Reno National Air Races 2003

Lot of different aircraft are in the Reno Races collections.

I was the assignment photographer for AVWeb at Reno Air Races in 2000, 2001, and 2002..

The modified P-51-D "Miss Ashley" going down after breaking apart in 1999 at the Reno National Air Races The tail plane, is in two separate pieces and the main plane is upside down and falling at 200+ mph after breaking apart. It hit the ground in less than three seconds after the tailplane failed.

July 4th on the Willamette river in Portland Oregon July 4th fireworks in Portland, Oregon in 2000.



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Reno National Air Races 1996

1994 D-DAY commemoration

World War I battlefields

Virginia City Railroad of Nevada

Over 100 images of covering many categories

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Tulips, Portland OregonTulips, Portland Oregon

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Due to reducing the image to a reasonable size, and converting them into a GIF / JPG formats, there is a loss of image quality in all of these photographs.



ME-109G2 Black 6 in an engine runup at Duxford in 1998Me 109G-2 (properly identified as a Bf 109) "Black 6" at Duxford, England This Bf 109G-2/TROP Messerschmitt is no longer flying and is static only after the pilot induced accident in October of 1997.


ME 109-G-10 At McMinnville Evergreen Air Museum in OregonBf 109G-10 at Evergreen Museum This Messerschmitt is painted in the colors of Eric Hartman's Bf 109. I have a page devoted to pictures of Bf 109s.


Officer Row Porch Vancouver, WashingtonOfficer Row Porch Vancouver, Washington This was an Army camp since the 1850s and General Grant, Marshall, and a host of other famous US Officers lived along this road at one time or another.


Welsh Memorial Somme Battlefield FranceWelsh Memorial Somme Battlefield, France It is an out of the way place that you need to walk to get to over a dirt trail. Honors the Welshmen who fought in this sector of the front during the First World War during the Battle of the Somme.


B-24-J Liberator in flightConsolidate B-24J "Liberator" All American over Portland, Oregon This Consolidated B-24J "Liberator" has visited Portland a few times over the years.


Human Chess Match in PortmeirionSix of One Human Chess Match Portmeirion, Wales Fans of "The Prisoner" with Patrick McGoohan should recognize this from a scene in one of the episodes.


Thatch Cottage England that I came across in the English countryside.


Moroccan DoorMoroccan Door that I took in Disney's Epcot Center.




Thaxted Windmill in East Anglia, England11th Century Windmill Thaxted, England Holland does not have a lock on windmills. I have a page of windmill pictures that I have taken in England.




Boeing B-17-G Sally B at Duxford, EnglandB17 Memphis Bell aka Sally B at Duxford This Boeing Flying Fortress was used in the 1994 movie "Memphis Belle".



Douglas A-26 Invader at RenoA-26 Douglas Invader at Reno The A-26 was a very fast light bomber that served all over the world during the Second World War. This is not to be confused with the Martin B-26 Marauder. One of the few aircraft that had the same number but with an A - for Attack verus the B - for Bomber. The a-26 was the follow-up to the A-20 "Havoc" that also served in both the ETO and PTO.


Benchs in Portmeirion painted in the house colorsBenches at Portmeirion These park benches are painted up in the official colors of Portmeirion Village.


Battle of Britain Memorial Folkestone, EnglandBattle of Britain Memorial at Folkestone, England. This memorial honors the men who fought in the "Battle of Britain" from July thru October of 1940. Best seen from the air.


Stone House and Castle in WalesHouse and Castle in Wales. This house has the keys to the above castle and you check in with them first before walking up the hill.


Curtiss P-40 WarhawkCurtiss P-40 at Pearson Airpark Vancouver, Washington The Curtiss P-40 "Warhawk" was the front line fighter of the USA in 1941. During the "Flying Tigers" reunion at Pearson Airfield they all signed the elevator of this aircraft.


Portmeirion Sand Flats of The Prisoner famePortmeirion, Wales. The location where "The Prisoner" TV series was filmed.


At seagull parking in a no-parking zoneA Seagull Resting on a no-parking sign up at Fort DeRussy, Astoria, Washington.



A soldier looks at the grave of Teddy Roosevelt Jr in the cemetery at Omaha Beach, Normandy France in 1994General Roosevelt's Grave, Omaha Beach, Normandy France. General Roosevelt died of a heart attack two days after the D-Day landing at Utah Beach at Normandy, France in 1944 in which he lead the division in the landing assault.


An North American AT-6 painted up in German colorsKnight's Cross Tail on an AT-6. American planes have been known to be stand-ins for Japanese and German aircraft throughout the years.



North American P-51-D Mustang Lady JoNorth American P-51-D Mustang Lady-Jo. This North American P-51-D Mustang is a regular flyer at the Reno Air Races.



Hawiian Palm TreesHawaiian palm tree. The classic look of a palm tree blown back by the wind off the Pacific ocean on Oahu in Hawaii.



P-51-D Mustang Man-of-WarP-51-D Mustang Man-O-War. This P-51-D Mustang has a completely different look than the Lady-Jo fighter plane.


Consolidated YB-24 firefighting aircraft in Alaskaa YB24 (naval single tail version of a B-24 Liberator). A Consolidate YB-24 single tail Liberator at Fort Wainwright Alaska. Used as fire-bomber. Mainly used by the Navy from 1944 onwards.


Russian Yak-11 at Reno in ProfileRussian YAK-11 at Reno Air Races. The Russian Yak-11 fighter was a very good aircraft on the Russian front during World War II. Most combat was low on the Eastern Front so the needs of the aircraft were different than when fighting in the West.


Whale's tale out of the water in Valdez HarborWhale's tail in Valdez Harbor, Alaska . This whale was heading toward the deep water when we spotted him in our boat while going to visit the sea lions in Valdez harbor. Only part of the whale we saw was his tail.


Gypsy Wagon outside Thorpe Abbots, EnglandGypsy Wagon. This Gypsy Wagon was seen on the road to Thrope Abbots air base. Home of the "Bloody 100th" Bomb Group.



Virginia City Rail Road in NevadaVirginia City Railroad, Nevada. There is a railroad that runs from Virginia City to Gold Hill in Nevada. They have two steam engines that run the 6 miles there and back.


Tillamook Blimp Hanger, OregonTillamook Oregon Hanger. The blimp hanger at Tillamook is the largest wooden structure in the world. It now houses an aviation museum. During the war it could hold 9 blimps inside at one time. There used to be two of them but one burned down when the lumber mill that was inside it caught on fire.

Sunrise over Carson City NevadaA Sunrise Carson City Nevada. This sunrise of Carson City was seen from while driving down from the mountain at Heavenly Valley, Nevada.


Stained glass inside Saint Mere Eglise Church in Normandy, FranceSt. Mere Eglise, France. This was the first town liberated by US troops during the Normandy invasion in 1944. Made really famous when the movie "The Longest Day" was made. The stained glass depicts the event that really happened to the paratrooper.


Haystack rock reflected at low tide, Canon Beach OregonHaystack Rock at Cannon Beach. Haystack Rock at Cannon Beach,Oregon. This is one of the most walk able beaches in Oregon.


Snowbirds during an air show at RenoCanadian Snowbirds at Reno Air Races 1996. The Canadian Snowbirds aerobatic team while at Reno in 1996. This jet team in many ways are more precise and entertaining than the fast and loud flying Thunderbirds or Blue Angels of the US.


Ice fog coated trees in AlaskaIce covered tree in Anchorage, Alaska . Hoar frost covers the trees, bushes and everything else in Alaska during the winter when fog forms below 15 degrees F. Taken at high noon when it had warmed up to around 5 degrees F.


The Red Feather Club aof the 95th BG (H) at Horham airfield, EnglandAbandoned WWII Quonset hut at Horham in England. Inside the the "Red Feather" club at Horham, England. The inside of this Officer's Club quonset hut was painted up with scenes of medieval England. The whole quonset hut complex was restored in May of 2004 and is now open to the public.


Abbeville Airplane Museum, FranceAbbeville museum in northern France. This small but interesting museum is on the airport where German unit JG26 "The Abbeville Boys" flew out of during the Second World War. Inside the musuem are German aircraft parts, American aircraft parts - a B-17 supercharger still has the maintenance tag saying that it is servicable on it still - as well as flyable aircraft like this L-4 observation plane.

Imperial War Museum London, EnglandImperial War Museum London, England. The outside of the Imperial War Museum in London, England. Gun turret is from a WWII British battleship if I remember correctly. Inside are aircraft, tanks, V-2 rocket, WW I trench recreation, and much more.

The New Pegasus Bridge, Normandy, FrancePegasus Bridge (new) in France. This is the replacement bridge built in 1993 by the French. This bridge was captured by British paratroopers using gliders that landed next to it then held for 12 hours before relief. Major Howard lead the capture. Also in the movie "The Longest Day".

Mk V Panther captured in Belgium and on displayMk V Panther captured in Belgium and on display The German Mk V "Panther" was a feared tank by all Allied tank crews. This one ran out of fuel and was captured. Guards a crossroads now in Belgium.

Curtiss P-40e at Pearson Air MuseumCurtiss P-40e at Pearson Air Museum. A view of the Curtiss P-40 Warhawk at Pearson Airfield.


Lockheed P-38 Lightning of Lefty Gardner'sLefty Gardner's P-38. Lefty Gardner's Lockheed P-38 "Lightning" during an air show at Reno. This was taken while he was doing a slow roll in 1999.


Number 6's House in the VillageNumber 6 house now as a shop in Portmeirion The entrance to No 6's house in The Village. The inside of the house was on a TV set and nothing inside this small room was ever seen in the TV show.


Rock pillar along the Oregon CoastShot of the Oregon Coast Rugged coastline of the Oregon coast showing two fishermen as the tide goes out.


Porch along Officer Row, Vancouver WashingtonOfficer Row, Ft. Vancouver Washington . Another view of Officer Row in Vancouver, Washington.



Tulips, Portland OregonTulips, Portland Oregon. Portland is known as "The Rose City" but there are lots of tulips also grown for commercial and landscape use in Oregon.




Larakeets in the Oregon Zoo Pair of Lorikeets These Lorikeets are in a aviary in the Washington Park Zoo in Portland, Oregon.



American Memorial, Omaha Beach, Nornmandy FranceNormandy Memorial at Omaha Beach, France Omaha Beach Memorial World War II, Normandy France. This silhouette of the memorial I took on my first visit there in 1982.


Manston RAF WWII base, EnglandManston RAF WWII base, England Manston RAF Fighter base saw lots of action during the Battle of Britain. It is now a commercial airfield for cargo aircraft.


Penny Farthing at No. 6, The VillageNumber 6's residence in The Village Another view of the house that No 6 lives in.



Mount Hood, OregonMt. Hood Oregon. Mount Hood Oregon seen from the East looking West. The eastern side of the mountain is a desert environment.


Llangollen Abby, WalesLlangollen Abbey, Wales Llangollen Abbey in Wales was shut down by Henry VIII along with many others when he started the Anglican Church of England.


Sandstone lion gate guardA sandstone Lion in Wales This sandstone lion gate guard was seen along a rural road in Wales. They last a few hundred years before needing to be re-carved.



UH-1H Flare Copter in actionUH-1H Huey flare helicopter The Uh-1H Huey has many uses and at one time it was used a flare copter. This one was operated by the Nevada Air National Guard.


UH-1H of the 1120th Aviation (AH) Company in Alaska120th Aviation Co (AH) Huey in Alaska Uh-1H Huey operated by the 120th Aviation (AH) unit in Alaska during the 1970s. They were repainted IR black starting in 1979 (over the red, white and yellow paint, low bid, no specs to remove the OLD paint!). They were some of most colorful aircraft the Army flew in the 1970s.


Horham B-17 Memorial, EnglandHorham memorial to B-17s This memorial to the B-17 Flying Fortress and crews stand outside the church at Horham, England.


R.A. Bob Hoover in actionR.A. Hoover. R.A. Hoover.


A Typical English GardenAn English garden A typical English garden found in Thaxted, England.


Chance Vought F-4-U CorsairF4U Corsair. The Chance-Vought F4-U Corsair. This bent-wing aircraft had an outstanding record starting in 1943 when VMF-214 "Black Sheep" and Pappy Boyington got a hold of them. The British used them and perfected the carrier landing later used by all.


Cassis Beach, FranceCassis France. Cassis France along the Mediterranean coast about 20 KM west from Marseilles.



English Car from the 1930sAn English car This English 1930ish sports car was seen in Northern Wales.


Grumman F8F BearcatF8F Bearcat The Grumman F8F Bearcat was deployed very late in the Second War War in the Pacific and did not see much action (if any, not sure.). Now mainly seen at Reno Air Races.


Granville Brothers Bee-Gee in inverted flightGranville Brothers Bee Gee replica at Reno This replica Granville Brothers "Bee Gee" racer from the 1930s. Made famous by General Doolittle - - mainly by winning and not being killed by it - - during the Thompson Trophy race.


Republic P-47 Thunderbold, A-10, a power tug and Miss RenoP-47 I take lots of different pictures covering lots of subjects. This can range from this setup pose of a P-47, an A-10 Thunderbolt, Miss Reno and a fancy aircraft tug on the tarmac at Reno, Nevada to more humorous shots.

Gook luck charm on a pitot tubeA good luck charm on a P-51 covering a pitot tube. There are all sorts of charms used by pilots.



Flowers at market in Saint Vith, BelgiumFlowers I spotted this in the market early one morning in a St. Vith, Belgium.



Sailboats on the sand at low tide in Portmadog, WalesBoats at low tide in Porthmadog, Wales. The tides in Wales can be 16 feet. All the sailboats are designed to sit upright when the tide is out.


Due to reducing the image to a reasonable size, and converting them into a GIF / JPG formats, there is a loss of image quality in all of these photographs.