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Some Photos of 4th of July in Portland Oregon

All images can be viewed in a larger size by clicking on them. The files sizes are from 20 to 50K in JPG format using 15% compression.

Dramatic Clouds looking to the East These clouds were lit up interestingly so I took a single image of them. This was from Waterfront Park.


Sunset over the Morrison bridge in Portland, OregonThis is the Morrison Bridge in Portland. I also took an image vertically. The other image, due to it being vertical, has a totally different effect on what it portrays. With more sky it gives a more expansive distance perspective to the viewer as you can tell.Sunset over the Morrison bridge in Portland, Oregon, vertical format




Hanging out in Portland's Riverplace Hotel Some people book rooms with a view and literally hang out to watch the fireworks. It is a great viewpoint. This year, in order to raise money for good causes (charity) they closed down the Hawthorne Bridge and sold tickets to people ($1,000+ each). This is, of course, the best place to see the fireworks. This angered many people, including a whole legion of photographers. This greed, even if for a good cause, eliminates most people from seeing the fireworks up close. The fireworks barge is only 300 yards away at that point. For photographers, it means that you see itty bitty images instead of full framed if taken from the Hawthorne Bridge.

The following set of four images were taken in times from 1/4 second to up to 20 seconds for the last image. As you can tell, the longer the exposure the lighter the overall image becomes. The last one you can see lots of lights above the bridges in the hills behind Portland and the smoke trail from all the fireworks in the light being reflected off the water.

4 Jul 2000 fireworks in Portland, Oregon - image 27  4 Jul 2000 fireworks in Portland, Oregon - image 21   4 Jul 2000 fireworks in Portland, Oregon - image 22  4 Jul 2000 fireworks in Portland, Oregon - image 28

In the last image you can start to pick up secondary reflections of the waterfront lights in the sky -- where there should be no lights (except for one satellite). This is normal and is caused by the light bouncing around the lens in the camera on long exposure. I was using a standard 50mm 1.4 Nikor lens.

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