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No matter how much you know today, you'll have to know more tomorrow.

Major Sites

To get a manufacturers view of photography jump to Kodak. Always a good place to find out information on processing Kodak film and specs. They even have a section for aspiring digital photographers at this URL:

Fuji film is a big player in the film industry. Their color print and slide film (Velvia for slide and Superia for print) is highly rated.

Even Argus Camera (who have been around since 1936) have useful information on their site.

There are web sites now for every brand of camera manufacturer. Some there, since being international, require you to pick your region of the world before you enter. Many firms sell cameras and gear in parts of the world that they never sell in the USA and vice versa (I surmise this is mainly due to laws, but sometimes due to market demand. Test gear in one area and if successfully then sell it elsewhere. But the support costs and selling (consumer laws, and other issues is really why most sell only in certain geographic regions.)

Digital seems to be taking over the world, but there still is a need for analog photography. In many cases it will always be better than digital. A site just for analog photographers is Analog Photography Users Group.

Links to Purchase photographs is a site I read about in Pop Photo as well as In Portland in the "Old Town" area Photographic Image Gallery is where you can purchase nationally and internally known prints. I've seen prices for prints ranging from $450 to $4,500. Some were just 18 x 18. At least they let you purchase on installments. There are many places in the web to purchase prints (including my own of course!)

Portland Metro Area Photography Stores

Local Portland Camera Stores

That I use

Elsewhere in Oregon

Which store I go to depends on what I need to get developed / printed.

In the One Hour type category of stores I will also use Kit's Camera or Ritz's Camera for developing on occasion. I will use them based solely on what on the processing speed turn-around time constraints are keeping in mind what the trade-off are in the quality of processing. These people all meet the minimum specs of processing mandated by Kodak, Fuji and others. When fast turn-around time and minimum specs will do for a roll of film I go there. Suburban Photo and the others are at the high end of the specs for processing so you pay more to get there and the turn-around time is usually 3 days or more.

Post Production Stores

After the initial developing and printing you go to these stores for custom printing and services.

Local Portland Photo Specialty Services

Photo Supply Stores

There are lots of photo supply stores. These may not carry a full line of cameras etc but often deal with support items such as projectors, specialized copy film, printing only etcetera.

Camera Repair Shops

There are only a few repair shops in Portland.

Most any camera / photo shop will take in a camera for repair. They will then just send it onto the local authorized repair shops in town to save you the trip. Kit's Camera, Ritz Camera, Camera World, and other chain camera stores provide this service for photographers.

Digital Camera Specialized Items

Digital Recover

With the rise of digital cameras, memory cards (of many types) and even mini-hard drives for cameras when one of these items fail and you have images on them you want to recover you have to send them off somewhere to get repaired.

They can do this even if you have reformatted you card/drive.

Now you are in the world of "data recovery." There are not many firms specializing in data recovery for cameras as of yet - but there will be.

Frame Shops

In order to display pictures you need to either make your own frames (as I do), purchase them pre-made (and I do that too) or go to a shop that does it for you. A good matted and framed photograph enhances the photo. You can easily spend $100.00 to $500.00 at a store to get any type of picture framed.

Local Portland Area Galleries

Specialty Photo Sites

With the advent of consumer digital cameras there are many sites that cater to that segment of photography. One site is Digital Camera Views.

For underwater camera gear a business down in Monterey California is Light & Motion Industries. Lots of neat dedicated photo & video gear for underwater work. For a test they will throw you into the aquarium down the street. (Just kidding! The aquarium was used in Star Trek IV - The Voyage Home as the home of the whale.)

In Portland there is the 3D Center of Art & Photography at 1928 NW Lovejoy. $4.00 admission. Has multiple galleries and photo and physical items which are constantly changing. Includes antique and contemporary works. Sponsored by the Cascade Stereoscopic Club (Non-Profit) 503-227-6667. Fri-Sat 1-5 PM, First Thursday 6-9.

If you do a lot of field studio work Innovatronix, Inc. has a field power supply for studio lighting systems.

Photo Backdrops

There are quite a few stores that sell backdrops - and you will need one if you plan to do any portrait work.

Signature Backgrounds Has general purpose and custom hand painted muslim backdrops. Been around since 1992.

Special Things to do With Your Images

These are sites that offer additional features / services other than just printing your pictures.

Retouching and Restoring

If you have a need to retouch or restore photos (digital, or prints etc) there are people around that can do that for you (as well as full service labs.)

Photo Image Sources

Internationally you can find lots of images at the Associated Press photo collection: In addition there are lots of other sites that have images who work like I do as independent photographers.

There are many other sites. There are many listed in the ASPP site and magazine.

AKG London
Abraham Manashe, Inc.
Alaska Stock
Barbara Singer Photography
Bridgeman Art Library
Christie's Images
Custom Medical Stock Photo
DDB Stock Photography
David M. Grossman Photography     718-438-5021
Dean Pictures  deanpictures @
Ede Rothaus
First Light Photo Research/Dandelion Productions
Fundamental Photographs
Grant Heilman Photography, Inc.
Ken Lieberman Laboratories, Inc.
Kenneth Garrett Photography
Kobal Collection 212-673-5600
Laser Light Photographics and Printmaking, Inc.
Lonely Planet Images
Martin M. Rotker
Mary Evans Picture Library
Military Stock Photography
National Geographic Photographic & Digital Imaging Lab    202-857-7582
North Wind Picture Archive 800-952-0703
Nubar Alexanian Photographer
Omni Photo Communications
Pacific Press
Peter Arnold Inc.
Photo Sights 1-877-640-3322
Photo Source International
Ron Levy Photography
Silver Images Photo Agency
Stock Answers
Stock Boston
Susie Fitzhugh
The Image Works
Visuals Unlimited
Woodfin Camp & Associates

If you cannot find something there then there are photo directories.

Stock Agencies

Getting accepted as a stock photographer is very difficult. Typically you must spend 20 years working for newspapers, magazines and only then would stock agencies would consider you as part of their agency photographers and IF you had 20,000+ photos on had.

I do not think this has changed much. The Internet allows anyone to be a stock photographer and sell direct to the end user. This is what I do. But it is A LOT of work to run your own business AND catalog your images AND be the marketing agency all in one.

Online Stock Photography Agencies

Photo Search Engines

The major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Live & Ask all now have photo specific search tabs on their pages. This allows you to find images - if the web site owner has done a good job of adding meta data to the image link and has good text around the image that allows the search engnie to derive what the image is about.

Photo Associations

Locally there is the Portland Photographers Forum (PPF) which I belong too. They sponsor the March swap meet in Portland and other photo related gatherings in various photographic shops in town. PPF is an Oregon Non-Profit registered organization. See their web site for current meeting topic and how to get to their monthly meeting.

I also belong to the American Society of Picture Photographers (ASPP) This is a national photographers association which keeps me keep informed of overall happenings in the photographic world.

Professional Digital Imaging Association is one geared toward the digital photographer in mainly the printed output side but also the capture side in scanners and of course cameras. I belong to them.

PMPA - - Portland Metropolitan Photographer's Association, Inc. Their newsletter is called "Contact Sheet".

Contact Printers Guild are those that are "dedicated to the tradition of hand-made platinum/palladium and silver chloride (Azo) contact prints."

Other Professional Organizations

Support Equipment

Once you purchase a few items you will quickly find out that you need a way to carry all the equipment around. There are many ways to accomplish this from using old army duffel bags, backpacks no longer used and other items collected along the way. There are firms though that make bags just for photographers and their needs.

You can even find backpacks, bags, vests in sporting goods stores that will work sometimes.

Whomever you buy from, ensure that you get gear that works the way YOU do and not adjust your working style to fit the gear.

Film Type Reference Sources

I could not find a table for Kodak and Fuji films to match names to their code names or numbers so I created a page for each table. My Kodak and Fuji pages contain the information plus one for miscellaneous film types. I also have a Photo Tips page.

Since I use an Epson 2200 color InkJet printer I of course go to Epson to get the latest drivers and updates on their products. Always on the lookout for good information sources while going through Anchordesk I came across a site reference in a feedback message at a site called where this individual talks about how to get the best out of your Epson printer. has a page of links at their site. And you can go to Kodak and learn more about digital photography by taking courses online at

Take Great Pictures is a generalist photo site.

Non 35mm Sites

Specialty Photo Sites

These are sites that offer additional features / services other than just printing your pictures.

Online Photo Processors

Hidden Costs

There are a lot of online photo processors. These are firms, both old and new, that cater to 35mm and digital aka "film less" camera users. The costs look very reasonable but check to see what you give up, what you gain, and what other equipment you need at home to have the same ability as the local camera store provides.

Some Online stores

Each site does photos slightly different. Some you send in film and they post the prints to download - - and that is the only place you can get them. Some do both, some create CDs, others allow you to place your photos on objects (mugs, t-shirts, mouse pads and so on which Pix does), some have two day return some 10. The cost for a Picture CD (there are now three picture formats for photos: Picture CD, Photo CD, Picture Disk) varies from $8.99 and up in U.S. dollars. What is not stated, but implied, is that:

Reading this online means you have at least access to the Internet. However, if starting from scratch (or you are reading this from work) then expect to spend $4,500 to get set up with a COMPLETE full system to work with digital images. I am talking camera, PC, printers and all the other gear needed. It does not come cheap.

I have NEVER seen any of the "back end" needs ever addressed in any article on digital photography. Think about what you want / need to do when everything goes digital. B&W film has lasted 150+ years with no loss of ability to print from the negatives. KodaChrome will go 125 years before 1/10 of 1 percent color loss. Epson started marketing (August 2000) an inkjet printer that has inks that will last 200 years. A CD will last 50 years. Wait! you have to CREATE the CD - - you now need a CD-R drive in your PC or else when the hard disk fails (and it will on average every 6 years) unless all those digital images are stored somewhere you lose EVERYTHING.

These sites allows you to upload your pictures to share with others either for a fee or a certain amount of time till they "fall off" the site. Of course most ISPs allows you to have your own web site so you can do the same now anyway. Difference is that the time limited or fee sites manage the uploads and deletions for you. Here again is the age old question of paying someone else for convenience or learning to do it yourself.

Printer Supplies - Ink and Paper Sources

Deciding to do digital processing means either printing your own images on your own printer or doing all the processing and then taking it to someone else's printer. Either way you need to know a lot. Finding the correct inks and paper for your printer is important. As always, read the warranty on your printer before using any non-manufacturer brand inks in your printer.

Wedding Reference Links

The weddings reference list of firms that support weddings is on a separate page since they that list is specific to weddings.