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Photographic Model Release for Tom Philo Photography

I ___________________________________________________ hereby release and assign all copyright ownership and claims for the images taken of me (or in the case of minors the legal guardian) during the date or event specified below.

Date(s) / event Images taken: ____________________________________________________.

I acknowledge that by signing this form that I give up all claims of ownership, income, editorial control and use of the resulting images and assign all copyright ownership to Tom Philo Photography.

The resulting images can be altered in any manner, used whole or in part in any publishing or electronic media at the sole discretion of the copyright owner using any methods physical, electronic, existing computer programs or that methods that will be invented in the future.

Use of the images can be granted to third parties by Tom Philo Photography and all compensation for use and credit for the images remain the property of Tom Philo Photography.

By signing this waiver of copyright ownership no future compensation for using any images from Tom Philo Photography or claims for compensation from 3rd parties granted use of any image taken by Tom Philo Photography or subsequent use of images that Tom Philo may grant is waived.

I have read and understood the this document and am capable of entering into legal contracts or am the guardian of a person who cannot enter into a legal agreement and am authorized to sign on their behalf by law.



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Revised 8 October 2005