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Portland Oregon / Vancouver Washington area

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I am able to provide to the local Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington area the following photography services:


Memories Sometimes Fade

The details of a past adventure may fade over time, but a great photograph of that event will bring back your memories with all the details, the situation that got you there, what you did, ate and everything else that is stored in your memory, can be recalled every time a photograph of that event is seen.

Capturing that event with a camera allows you to see it again and again is what photography is about.


Rivka posing for a portrait at her wedding at the LDS Temple in Portland Oregon taken by Tom Philo.
Rivka at her wedding.
Portriats are an integral part of all photography.

A great photograph is of no use to you unless you can afford to purchase it. Expertise, time, and equipment is what you expect and need from a photographer that you hire. If the price is so high that you cannot afford to hire one then both the photographer and yourself will suffer. Striking a reasonable balance for both client and photographer is also an art which separates you from a having a relative take pictures versus having a dedicated professional whose only interest is getting the photographs you want.

I charge an hour for any assignment work. For really large weddings I also have a flat fee rate of

Working for You

Taken by a client with their ultra wide angle (24mmor less) here I am with two of the three Nikon cameras (F100, FE and FE2) with 3 flashes on the cameras strapped around me at the rehearsal. Here I am at a wedding rehearsal with two of the six Nikon cameras (1 F100, 1 FM3A, 2 FEs, 1 FE2, and a E5700) that I can use.

The bride took this picture of me with her camera during the rehearsal. (It looks like she used the 24mm setting on her lens due to the curvature seen in the picture.)

At most weddings I will use three cameras to capture the event.

Here I am again but this time with the bride toward the end of the day's event. It looks cluttered with multiple cameras on me but it allows me to take pictures faster without having to wait for the flashes to recharge on a single camera. Plus at least one camera will always have film in it to get that needed picture.


Tom Philo and the bride near the end of a wedding day.

I use Nikon cameras and lenses. I use multiple Nikon / Vivitar flashes both on and off the camera. I've photographed weddings using as many as 9 slave flashes triggered by two flashes that are attached on the camera. I usually bring three or more cameras when I photograph a wedding. These include my Nikons, a Polaroid to check flash exposure, and other support equipment.

How I run my Photography Business

I am not a full time wedding, event, portrait, assignment photographer. I purposely keep my work down to 2 or three weddings a month plus an equal number of assignments or portraits. This way I do not become over committed, or rushed when working.

It allows me to stay alert and devote all my equipment and mental energies to you what is going on NOW and not what is coming up the next day or in a few hours. I can devote my talent to providing photographs geared directly to what you want. I never have to worry about running over time limits, traveling to the next assignment, or rushing to finish your photos so I get to the next person's.

Additional In and Out of State services

In addition to being a photographer for events, weddings and other general purpose assignments I can also provide these additional services:

Additional Out of State Services

It is possible while I am on vacation (holiday) or at a seminar out of my home state of Oregon that I could photograph particular subjects. Contact me directly for my current travel itinerary.

Price Calculator

To quickly determine my service fees go to this page that has a dynamic calculator built into it.


I am listed in multiple wedding directories, such as WedJ and many others. Information on the photo sources page deals with all types of photo services in the local Portland area as well as some national.

E-Mail address is Phone and FAX ; Portland, Oregon USA