Historical Related Photos

Finding History Overseas

My extensive holiday travel has taken me to many historical places. History has always fascinated me so I like to visit out of the way places that have some connection with history.

The historical topics that I have come interest in range from the Roman era up to the Second World War. In the USA I have traveled From Alaska to Florida and visited anything interesting wherever I have come across. In Alaska I've been to Mount Mckinley, Valdez (where I shot this picture of a whale's tail), Homer, Delta Junction plus numerous other places in Alaska.

In Europe I have spent time in Wales, England, France, Belgium and Germany. In Europe, in my four trips there, I have shot around 200 rolls of film of pretty much every place I went through.

History in the United States

In the "lower 48" I've been to Gettysburg, Bull Run and other civil war battlefields. Western gold mining towns, National Parks (Yosemite, Yellowstone) and lots of places in-between.

Locally in the Portland area you can also see re-creations of Civil War Life at McGuyver Park.

There is history all around - - you only have to take the time to look to see it. From the smallest manhole cover to the largest building in the world - - all are historical in some manner. The hard part is dealing with historical items is after taking the photo - - finding it's context in the larger historical events.