Tom Philo Photographic Experience

Work history



Memberships in Organizations and Associations

Narrative history

I started taking photographs in 1968 using a Kodak Instamatic and a Brownie 120 roll film camera. I set up a darkroom in the basement and developed and printed my own black and white prints,

During High School I borrowed a Minolta SRT 101 from a friend I worked on the yearbook and newspaper staff for two years. This was at Bladensburg High School in Maryland. This is where most of my advanced B&W skills both in camera and the in the darkroom was learned.

The purchase of a Mamiya-Sekor started me off on my own 35mm camera ownership in 1976. Shipped off to Alaska for my Army tour of duty the Mamiya-Sekor did yeoman work from 102 degrees above zero to 56 below zero in the Alaska back country. 1980 saw the purchase of a Nikon camera and I have stayed with the Nikon camera system and lenses ever since.

I started working as a part-time photo instructor at Fort Richardson in the summer of 1977. I worked part time for three years and then converted to full time for another two. I spent a total of five years teaching basic color and black and white photography (and other crafts) to those stationed at Elemendorf or Fort Richardson. During this time I taught portrait classes, developing, mounting and all other photo related subjects on a scheduled basis. I also taught various lapidary, painting, ceramic and word working classes as required.

During this same time frame I also did freelance fashion work for the Anchorage Times and was on the University of Anchorage Newspaper and student yearbook staff for four years.

While working at the crafts shop and at college I prepared slide shows coordinated with music, photo layouts (and articles), posters and related photographic work.

Concurrently I also started photographing weddings.

Quantity of Images

I have around 8, 000 slides, with approximately 80% of them being on Kodachrome 25 and 64. I also have around 3, 000 color negatives Most were exposed on ASA 100 film, next would be ASA 25 (25% of them all) and then the rest on various speed negative films. In the B&W arena I have around 5000 negatives in my collection.Pan-X and Plus-X are the majority of film types I used.


There are photographs from my time in Alaska (11 years), California (4 years), Oregon (7 years) and photos that I have taken when on both business and vacation trips in the US. I've been to some 28 different states - - Florida to Alaska and pretty much all the states between them on trips lasting from one to four weeks.

I've been to Europe traveling in Wales, England, France, Belgium and Germany. All the trips to Europe were oriented around historical locations and sites and none of them were with a guided tour group. Asides from my European trips I've been to two trips to the Bahamas.

The photo topics that I have take encompass: scenics, buildings, general people activities and lots of aviation related items. You can see a wide range of samples of these topics throughout my site.


I do informative and free shows for non-profit organizations. The most recent was done on November 9th 2000 for the Oregon Chapter of the 8th Air Force Society. During their quarterly meeting I did a 120 slide show presentation on the old bases in England and what I learned about them in my many visits there. These are always customized for the organization of course. I have done similar aviation related slide show at Pearson Air Museum in Vancouver Washington.

Some specialized shows have been done to small groups of people of my various travels in the US and Europe, clouds, scenics, flowers and similar items just for fun.

My prints have been displayed at Beard's Frame Shop in Tigard as well in the lobby of the Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) Federal building in Portland, Oregon.


Over the years I have entered only a few public photographic shows. In the 7 statewide shows that I have entered into over the past years I have been awarded 18 ribbons. I also have an award from Kodak for a newspaper contest way back in 1978!

To keep informed on Photography issues I read magazines and visit many sites.