Free Sample Screen Savers

Free non-expiring Screen Savers

The following screen savers shown below are free and they do not expire. If you enjoy them then sending filling out this Registration form along with a fee of $15 per screen saver entitles you to receive the registration code for the full 25 image+ version. You could then download the full version (like those above) immediately while awaiting the mailing of the screen saver. The full version will always contain at least 25 high quality photographs.

W95 / W98 / NT installable
World War I Aircraft
World War II Aircraft 1.53M World War II Aircraft Sample Image
P-51 Mustangs 1.36M World War II P51 Mustang Sample Image
WW II German 1.45M World War II German Aircraft Sample Image
Scenics 1.98M Scenic Sampler Screen Saver
Clouds 1.4Mk Clouds Sampler Screen Saver
Castles 943k Castle Sampler Screen Saver
Flowers 1.776 Meg Flowers Sampler Screen Saver
"The Prisoner" 1998 Convention 1.8 Megs Prisoner 1998 Convention Screen Saver
Portmeirion Village 3.6 Megs Portmeirion Village Screen Saver (free)
US Civil War 633k US Civil War Sampler Screen Saver

Demo / Expiring Screen Savers

These Screen savers contains at least 25 high quality photographic images. These screen savers DO expire after 30 days!

During or after the 30 day demo period entering the registration code permanently unlocks the screen saver.

The images are seen screen full when the monitor is set to a screen resolution of 800 x 600 pixels.

New screen savers are uploaded as soon as I create them.

All pictures within any screen saver can be purchased individually.


Installation Notes:

All are self contained installable screen saver for Windows 95, 98 and NT. Note: W95 users must be on version W95B unless Microsoft's OLEAUT32.EXE update is installed - or - Internet Explorer 3.x or later is installed.

Note the size of the sampler screen savers before downloading.

Each free sample screen saver contains five images.

Sending a registration fee of $15 for each screen saver entitles you to receive a screen saver registration code. You can then download the full version while awaiting the mailing of the screen saver. Each full version will contain at least 25 high quality photographs in that specific subject category.

Screen saver registration fee is $15.00 per screen saver.

Note: To keep the download times reasonable all images in the samplers have had quality reduced. Quality of the purchased versions will double, however this will increase the download times. "The Prisoner" screen saver and the 25 image expiring Random Image Sampler screen saver gives a good indication of the size of a purchased screen saver when the quality of the photograph is kept intact.

Other Screen Saver Services

A personalized 25 image screen saver using your own photographic images from slides, negatives or prints can be ordered.

A custom screen saver using my images can be ordered. In this instance you can specify what specific images you want included in the screen saver.

The cost of this service is $25.00 plus any additional mailing costs.