Aviation Related Photos

Taking Photos of Planes

Aviation is one of my many hobbies and I have a commensurate amount of photos to match my interest.

I have detailed 16 point walk-around photos of a few aircraft but mainly I have lots of single view pictures. The views of the planes are both on the ground and in the air.

You can see shots of both types on my page where I flew in a B-17.

Some of the museums that I have been to where I have taken photographs are:

Image sizes range in size from 15k to 55k.

Aviation Museums

There have been so many small aviation museums that I have been to that I cannot even remember their names. But I have the pictures. I have pictures of warbirds and general aviation aircraft taken at the smaller more relaxed airports everywhere I have been.

I have taken over 90 rolls of film at the Reno Air Races over the last 16 years. Both of aircraft in the air and on display.

Locally in Portland I take pictures at air events at Troutdale, Rose Festival, McMinnville and at Pearson Airpark plus any other air events that I hear about and can attend.