JG26 / AVAW Operational Procedures1

Launch Procedures

  1. All meet on runway.
  2. Tune
  3. Flight leader launches
  4. Everyone launches

The flight leader will call ROC,throttle settings,and turns in advance. It is crucial that pilots are alerted in advance. Its easier that way than trying to remember at what stage in flight your throttle should be. The Pilots will be extremely busy the whole flight. The less to think about the better.

Everyone get to tarmac and wait!! Only the Lead Buff gives the Go command. When Go is given we all roll together, at this point the Lead buff flairs out and does a shallow left (or right) turn around the base for a complete orbit, while in only a ROC of .5 or less. This allows the trailing buffs to cut the arcs of the lead buffs and catch up to the formation. It is important for the leader not to make a too steep banking turn, we do not want the trailing buffs to stall out and crash.

By the time the lead buff is back on his original liftoff heading, all airborne buffs should be close to the leader and those that had mechanical problems {Dumps} should be rolling down the runway or already in the air on the original heading to way point 1 as we pass over at a bout 2K the trailers should have no problem getting in formation. And Yes formation flying can be very exhausting. But just park the next closest plane to you in your windscreen and follow the leaders heading calls and throttle settings and it gets easier. The main point here is we rally over the base, then go, we be nice and tight and in fighting trim as we climb to altitude, cause they are on to us now and when they see a borg cube lifting deep behind the lines they will come. They have showed up early while we were still trying to form up and have decimated the stragglers.

Tight formation flying with gunners is the way to go. The best way to keep from getting shot down is to stay 150 to 250 apart and the lead plane to use a power setting of 86%. The rest can then use small throttle corrections to keep formation.

Flight procedures

The moral of the story is if a pilot gets himself into a situation (and every flight is a situation) he's responsible for that.

Therefore fly smart at ALL times...you are under NO orders whatsoever to let a screaming plane go home alive. You are also under no orders to pursue him and kill him relentlessly. Use your best judgment in deciding, depending on the circumstances, whether or not you can safely finish off an a/c without getting yourself killed. Frankly, when they're pissed off, and when they lose their cool, they're even dumber and more desperate. Also frankly, it's their own damn fault when they let themselves get pissed, and when they die in the first place. Same thing with vulching an airbase. If they up a capped base, they are fair game.

Combat Box

Assignments in http://www.jv44.org/CombatBox.asp for pilots.

Standard WW-II Combat box: http://www.303rdbga.com/formation.html.

1AVAW = Axis Versus Allies Wing of the Rebel Air Force

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