Military, Civilian, Aircraft, Ship, & Unit Research Sites

Sites To Help You Find Out Information About Specific People or Units

Finding the Right Research Source

These are some of the main web sites that contain official government records online where you can research military or civilian personnel, ship, unit and aircraft records.

These sources either provide addresses where you must write to obtain information, some allow you to fill out online forms, and a few have online search that display the actual information of individual people, ships, aircraft losses online.

If you are going to interview someone and find out their wartime experiences visit: Veterans History Project site for guidelines, checklists, and how to organize the results.

Some sites also provide summary data of information in their specialty topic (loss by day, month, campaign, personnel strengths etc).

This is not an exhaustive list.

General Research

Institute for Operations Research Has published items relating to WWII. Specifically: Operations Analysis in the Eighth Air Force, 1942-1945: Four Contemporary Accounts ISBN:1-877640-05-0

The history of "Taps".

TAPS played by dual bugles. (midi file)