Past History News Clippings in 2000

B-17 "Sally B" flies again

The "Sally B" is based at Duxford, England. They had to do some major maintenance on the engines and it was grounded for over a year while they tried to raise the funds to do the repairs.

New book on B-24s

Stephan Ambrose's next book will be about B-24s in the ETO. Specifically, the squadron that Senator George McGovern flew in. He mentioned this at the National Press Club September 1st, 2000.

US M-60 and the MG-42 machine guns

While talking to a bookstore owner I found out that he is also a gun collector. He told me about the German MG-42 - - about the best machine gun ever built. It seems that after we captured one it went to Aberdeen Proving grounds to be studied and COPIED for use by us. The person who did the copying converted everything from metric in to US inches and got one little conversion wrong - - thus the copy never worked and they scrapped the project! I also found out that initially the MG-42 did 900 rounds per minute and that it was so fast that it constantly jammed or exploded due to the ejection mechanism not keeping up. Thus they built into a slowdown mechanism to get it to 600 RPM and thus never jam. Our .30 cal M-60 machine gun is basically a (now) working copy of the MG-42 that the Germans developed. Somebody got the math right after 25 years. But not as good.

B-24 goes to England

American Air Museum B-24 to be restored The American Air Museum in England has finished striping down the B-24 to it's component parts and are now restoring it (plus asking for more money of course!)
The American Air Museum also puts on sponsored tours. If are interested to go on a tour call them at 1-888-507-5597 for current schedule. The next tour for AAM members to Duxford is July 5-11 2001. The Flying Legends show takes place during this time at the IWM airfield at Duxford. The AAM also got an F15 to put into the museum this past fall.


The 100th Operation Group held a reunion at the AAM (American Air Museum) at Duxford in the summer of 2000. This is a direct namesake from the 100th Bomb Group that Flew out of Thorpe Abbots during WWII. Harry Crosby is a famous member of the "Bloody 100th" bomb group.

Germans mourn war dead at last

Germany has embarked on its most ambitious and controversial act of national remembrance. The country is burying its wartime dead - digging up the remains of chilblained soldiers from distant battlefields and laying them to rest in modern cemeteries scattered across the plains of eastern Europe. London Times; Section: EUROPE: Published: 16 September 2000

Windows for Remy

During WWII a flight of P-51s attacked a German train next to the town of Remy France. The train was a munitions train that blew up as the 4th Mustang was attacking ripping off the tail. No time to bail out for the pilot since he was too low (Same reason why the pilot of Miss Ashley was killed in 1999 at Reno Air Races). The explosion of the train broke the stained Medieval glass in the church. Being a small town they never replaced it. However, around 4 years ago, the pilots found out about this and have been raising money to replace the stained glass windows. They reached their goal. Go to http://www.remy.org/ to find out more.

Purchase a FW-190

If you want to purchase your own German "Butcher Bird" you can purchase one brand new in Germany. They are building them (sans original engine) as requested.

The Spitfire - An Operational History is an interesting web site. However, rather than reading if you wanted to purchase your own Mk XIII version there was one on eBay in December of 2000 for $1.6 million.

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