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Navigating the Site

If you are having problems navigating the site please let me know.

People who do not have JavaScript (ECMA) enabled can use the Site Map to locate every major category and most of the pages on my site by using that page. A link to the Site Map is at the bottom of each page.

Those who have enabled JS and are using a JS enabled browser: generally any browser with a version number higher than IE 4.01, Netscape 4.76, Mozilla 5, Firefox 1.0 or similar browser will see a JS menu will show up along the top of all the pages. Mozilla, Opera and some other browsers do not always display the JS menu correctly due to their way of implementing JavaScript, the DOM model. The went full standards and decicded not to make any allowances for past standards (technically good idea, but bad till around 2007 when all the other borwsers have been recoded to the standards created in 2001) and there is nothing that I can do about that.


There are two sets of menus: A menu that links to all the photography items when in the Photography (business) area and when you navigate into a personal interests page the menu then contains links about my personal interests.

Home on both menus take you back to the home page of the site.


If you have specific questions about the site, my Photography Services, or my personal interests feel free to e-mail me. I try and answer all e-mails within 24 hours.

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