Flying AT-6 on a low level fly-by pass

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Past News 2003

Southern Oregon Warbirds

The name says it all.

Monthly meetings are help at the Moose Lodge, 3031 West Harvard Avenue. Check their web site for details.

Project Magenta

This is a firm that is creating flight simulators but in a different twist for a different market.

Reno National Air Races 2003

I spent 8 days at the Reno National Air Races 2003 this year. The photos are just a few from the 11 rolls of film that I took while there.

Northwest Antique Aircraft Fly-in

Formerly at Evergreen (airport now gone) this has relocated down to McMinnville, Oregon where the "Spruce Goose" museum is at. This year it is being held August 15th - 17th. The museum there this past June put an SR-71 "Blackbird" on display.

Pearson Air Museum

The Annual "5th Street Stroll" takes place on August 23rd. This is a classic car and aircraft (biplanes and others) on 5th Street at Pearson Air Museum in Vancouver, Washington. The Cascade Warbirds will do a mass fly-out at 5 PM. Three dollars admission and it opens at 10 AM. Food and drinks will be available.

Every Wednesday June through August from 4 to 8 they have a classic car "cruz in." Hot rods, planes, and "hogs" on the airfield.

Reno Air Race News

Reno National Air Races 2003 images.

This year the total purse going to the racers will be$1 Million (One Million) dollars. The Unlimited will get $730,000 and the other racers will split out the other $270,000.

The Pylon Racing school will be held June 19th through the 22nd.

Races occur September 11-14 2003 at the Reno Stead Airport (15 miles North of downtown Reno).

The Thunderbirds flight demonstration team of the U.S. Air Force will be there this year. This means the flight line for racing will be very busy. Rules they have means lots of dead airtime prior to their demonstration. Clear the air, personnel from the race area, engine start, perform and back onto the ground takes time.

Move PDX?

Local residents that live in Portland, Oregon, and Vancouver, Washington, the Airport Issues Roundtable (AIR), have been pushing to get Portland International Airport (PDX) moved - or at least change the flight paths. Aircraft noise, JP4 exhaust and 24/7 operation of the airport means they want others listen to the sound and smell of aviation.

If it were to move options are moving it north to Centralia, Wash., or south toward Salem in the Willamette Valley. Cost of moving it would be around $3 billion (plus another two in cost overruns likely).

Pearson Airport, a light plane general aviation airport which has been in continuous operation since 1907, is also on the list of airports that some people want to be closed. US National Park service re-constructed Fort Vancouver on the western edge of the airfield and thus they want it closed to improve the ambiance of visitors to the fort. PDX's DC10s, 767s and other high end large a/c makes more noise and causes more loss of "ambiance" over the fort than C152s but the Park Service has not told PDX to close.


Sporty's Pilot Shop sells a neat device that allows you to check for fuel contaminants and if you don't see any allows the fuel you drained out to be put back into your fuel bladders.

Useful to save fuel and to prevent you from being arrested by the EPA for throwing fuel onto the ground!

Learning useful Trivia

If you really do not want to receive phone calls walk around in a Faraday cage.

Want to learn Morse Code? Visit that link to learn how to say it correctly. With GPS taking over everything it could be considered just like Sanskrit in a few years: a lost language.

Aviation happenings

Aviation Air Shows and other Aviation Sites

I am an avid aviation fan. I earned my pilot's license in 1980. I have made a point to travel to many aviation museums, air shows and to the National Championship Air Races held at Reno Nevada every September (September 11-14 in 2003). To check out when and where air shows are at go to The Air Affair Events Calendar Other useful links for air racing are: Warbird, Warbird Aero Press, AAFO and

You can plan ahead for Oshkosh too:
Here are the EAA Air Venture"Oshkosh" dates through the year 2008: July 23 - July 29, 2003; July 28 - August 3, 2004; July 27 - August 2, 2005; July 26 - A

To keep up on current aviation happenings you can visit Aviation Web. There you can subscribe to an e-mail newsletter that will send you a weekly update of aviation related happenings. They also have some real good tech pages at the site.

Course when you want to fly you get a weather briefing before going out but before you get that you can check out to get a good overview of all weather happenings first so you can ask the briefer more questions that you may have. There is another program that feeds weather to your desktop called

Lots of activity goes on around the world. Classic Wings is a magazine. They are a good source for information especially in Australia and New Zealand.

Another good site to find aviation information is at