Flying AT-6 on a fly-by pass.

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Past News 2002

UK Duxford Fall Airshow

Here is a page of aircraft images from Ian Hawkins in the UK of this fall 2002 show. I got this via an e-mail as being a member of the 8th Air Force Historical Society here in Oregon.

Reno Race News

2002 was billed as "A Race To Remember" due to the grounding of the Reno Air Races last year as a result of the September 11 terrorist attacks.

Event highlights for 2002 included a speed record attempt by the Wright-built replica of the 1935 Howard Hughes H-1 racer (it went 50 mph or so faster than the original H-1), daily air shows, a reunion of Apollo and Skylab astronauts to name a few. This year the Jet Class debuts with L-39 Albatross jets racing around the course. I was be there on assignment to photograph the races for There are also images in the pictures section on here. I used up 18 rolls of film while at Reno this year.

US Aerobatic Team Annual J-3 "Cub" Raffle

To raise money to send the US Aerobatic Team to the world competition (held every two years) they have been holding a raffle every year with the prize being a J-3 Cub. They are now up to giving away Cub #7. Details on their site.

Colorful Combat Aircraft

This page are of images sent to me of what I think are British Helicopters in Afghanistan in spring of 2002. I got this via a e-mail of an e-mail so the photographer is unknown.

Practice Flights

Here are three images of what happens when you practice too hard in your F-18 tying to "gun" down your opponent during training. Photographer unknown.

Recent Items Read or Heard

Boeing's Un-Manned Fighter

(From news feed) MEET THE FUTURE: Boeing may have lost out on the contract for the Joint Strike Fighter, but that doesn't mean that their next design won't be able to blow the JSF out of the sky. The X-45A, the company's latest unmanned aircraft, is designed to carry weapons into battle. The remotely piloted or pre-programmable 8,000-pound machine can haul 3,000 pounds of weapons under its 34-foot wingspan. With a lightweight price tag estimated near $10 million, the aircraft not only benefits from its inability to lose one or more irreplaceable pilots, but it also costs about one-third the price of a conventional fighter. Last week, the aircraft completed successful taxi tests and is said to be well on its way to first flight. The aircraft may possess aerodynamic advantages over other designs that must incorporate a cockpit. Plus, its maneuverability is not constrained by the need to keep an airborne pilot from being crushed into a sack of goo by extreme G-forces. You *are* the weakest link ... Good-bye.

Paris Plans a Third Airport

The BBC reported that Paris is planning a third airport over parts of a WW-I battlefield. Both the farmers North of Paris are upset as well as those who work to protect and maintain those sites. Chaulnes lay at the southern end of the Allied offensive of July 1916, and before then end of the war it had changed hands three times. The German graveyard at Vermandovillers, is directly in the path of the planned runway and there are 23,000 bodies in it. I went there during my trip to France in 1997.

National Convective Weather Forecast Product is (was - no longer as of April 2003) up and running. Always get a briefing though!

German Zeppelin Carries Passengers

The BBC reported in August of 2001 that a German-built Zeppelin carried paying passengers aloft for the first time since the 1937 Hindenberg disaster at Lakehurst New Jersey. Pax paid about $270 for the one-hour sightseeing flight above Lake Constance. The 250-foot-long airship is filled with helium, not the flammable hydrogen gas that caught fire and destroyed the Hindenberg. A show recently on proved that static electricity is what sparked the disaster. Some of the outer panels of the Hindenberg were not properly grounded thus a static charge built up and when the rest of the ship was grounded those sections were not and a spark then set off some venting (by design) hydrogen.

View an Airport you have never seen

Flying into a strange airport for the first time can be a little disconcerting. Now pilots can go online and take the edge off the unfamiliarity by checking out aerial photos of the approach. The Web site,, is building an archive of all the U.S. landing sites, even out-of-the-way grass strips.

Or you can travel around by Sleeping in airports which this site documents on what airports you can sleep in!

New Museum

A new aviation museum opened up in Olympia Washington this past summer.