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Aviation News in 2006

Reno 2006

Got Air? If you cannot get to Reno National Air Races Sept 13-17 the week before they have a balloon race. A bit more quite and a whole lot slower.

Reno Air Races is also a great place to find aviation vendors. A new one with good art is by Pete Feigal. Web site is Art That Moves . Brand new site so still a work in progress.

Need a T-28A?

The Pearson Air Musuem in Vancovuer Washington is selling their T-28A. The museum's stated goal is covering the history of avaition from 1903 till 1945. The T-28A model, built in 1951, falls outside their timeframe so they are selling it so they can purchase aircraft that does fall within their time period.

If you want it, contact Wright AirMotive at 503-880-1631 who are brokering the deal. They are based at the Aurora airport.

Price is $175,000.00.

RC Float Fly in Northern California

Not a full scale one, but a Remote Control (RC) one.

Flying an RC plane is actually harder than flying a full scale aircraft. I soloed in 3 1/2 hours full scale - 10 1/2 in RC and I learned RC after the full scale!


Hillsboro, Oregon, Air Show

Oregon International Airshow in Hillsboro is going to be July 15-16, 2006. No idea who the performers will be this year.

UK Duxford Airshows

Duxford Airshows for 2006 are May 21; July 8-9 for Flying Legends; Spitfire Anniversary on Sept 2-3, and the Autumn Air Show on October 8, 2006.

Oregon Old Bold Pilots Club

A new meeting location for the OOBPC is at Davison's Restaurant in Tigard. The meet ings occur on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 12:15. Contact

New Helmets for Air Force on the way

New US Air Force Helmets with Earplugs for the Jet Jockeys
Helmet with earplugs.

The Air Force has taken some of the noise cancelling technology and placed them into helpmets now by using earplugs. The active noise cancelation circuit is supposed to drop outside noise (the engine) by 30 db.

This should allow them to both hear the radio better but save their hearing.

This was developed by the Air Force Research Laboratory and is called the ACCES hearing protection system.

And if you want to understand all those "sound barrier" photographs go to this web site: