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Aviation News in 2005

UK Duxford Airshows

Duxford Airshows for 2006 are May 21; July 8-9 for Flying Legends; Spitfire Anniversary on Sept 2-3, and the Autumn Air Show on October 8, 2006.

Learn to use a GPS

Garmin has a free downloadable GPS simulator that you can install onto your PC that allows you to learn how to program GNS 430. As since most GPS units works the same way, learning one will allow you to only adapt to the button mechanics of other brands.

If you do get the GNS 430, then you are able to learn it at home rather than in the clouds in a rainstore at night while on final - which is never the best time to learn how to use an instrunment in your cockpit.

Airbus A340 - Video vs Armrest

On some models of the Airbus 340, for sure Signapore Airlines, the ultra modern aircraft has a monitor in the back of each seat so you can watch videos. However, by doing this, the only place to put the trays for food is in the armrest - thus they cannot be moved out of the way to gain an extra 5 inches of space nor lay down when there are no fellow passengers in that row.

Navy - And Congress - Threaten Aircraft Preservation

The Navy, again in an act of arragonce, having left a Brewster Buffalo F3A-1 in the mud for over 50 years, threatened legal action after its recovery by Lex Cralley stating that it still owned it (after striking it from the record after the crash), after a line was inserted into a bill giving title to Lex Cralley, the Navy then came back and demanded a 2 million dollar liability policy naming the Navy as an insured party. It also forbids flying the aircraft for 7 years!

Tom's Note: What really is needed is a global US law that states any aircraft, ship, military gear, striken from the official records belongs to whomever recovers it, and it would futher state that the US Government is no longer liable for any accidents, injury, or anything as a result of that aircraft flying, being moved, parked, sat in, stood up etc. This would allow aircraft (and other items) to be recovered anywhere in the world be titled to the recovering person / organization. If the Federal Government wants a better audit trail, then it should state that any recovered item must be paid for at scrap metal salvage value of the items (it the item was valuable, the Government would have recovered it, since they did not, it "obviously" is of no value!)

The bill that gave title to Lex, in another section, restated a premise that the Navy owns all sunken or buried military aircraft.

Tom's note: thought it will never spend any money to recover them, if anyone does the Navy will then seize it and likely leave it to rot in a storage yard!

Collings Foundation B-17 B-24 Tour Dates in Oregon

The B-17 and B-24 will visit Oregon during June of 2005. 9-10 in North Bend, 6-12 in Corvallis, 13-15 Redmond, 15-17 The Dalles, 17-20 Aurora then it flies up into Washington starting at Yakima on the 20-22 June. Visit their web site, for complete details on where it will be and on what days.

Pilot Journey Monthly Classes

Pilot Journey holds monthly FAA tests for Private, Instrument, Commercial and CFI FAA Test prep courses at their offices on Smyrna Airport (KMQY) in Nashville.

In addition, they have an online store system in which small businesses can create their own storefront. (888) 696-2390 is their contact phone number.

Get A New Ultralite

If you want to scoot along in the air with the greatest of ease, you can always buy an "Air Scooter II " designed by Elwood "Woody" Norris.

Boeing to Close Canadian Plant

The Mississauga plant in Canada that was building part of the Boeing 717 (Ex MD-80 or 90 / DC-9) will be shut down soon.

The plant was acquired when Boeing bought out McDonnell Douglas in 1997.

Since then, various plant buildings have been demolished, sold off to developers like what happens during a normal takeover in businesses (of any type) regardless of the promises made.

The plant built Avro Lancasters during World War Two as well as jet trainers, Avro Ansons and other aircraft over the past 60 years.

Pearson Air Museum

The continuation of the Annual Business / Membership meeting wil be February 16, 2005 at 7 PM.

Next quarterly meeting will be on April 13, 2005.

Complete list of Pearson Air Museum events.

Aviation News 2005

Old Bold Pilots will meet January 12 at 12:30 at the Sweetbriar Inn in Tualatin.

On the same day, starting at 7 PM, the Pearson Air Musuem will hold its membership meeting in the Hanger in Vancouver.