Web Site Photograph License Fees

Cost Schedule to use Photographs on a Single Web Site

Number of images used on a Web Site Fee
Single Image $40.00
Two Images $70.00
Three Images $90.00
Four Images $100.00
Each Additional Image $15.00
Same Image on Multiple domains (see below) 50% of the normal price

Image Use

When you purchase the right to use an image on a web site I automatically restrict the image from being used on any other web site. There is no time limit or renewal fee that has to be paid in order for you to continue using a photograph. The fee includes right to use it as long as you want to use it. When you no longer have the image in use on that site then the right to use that image no longer exists and I again will license it for use elsewhere.

Multiple Domains

You purchase the right to use an image on a single domain. It can be used on every page of that domain if you so desire. If there are multiple domain names registered but the DNS servers all point to the same physical set of pages I consider that a single domain for image use since the underlying pages and not the DNS system is what determines a true physical domain.

Images cannot be placed on one domain and then referenced by another domain (a physical set of pages that collectively stand alone which are distinguished by DNS or search engines or web directories as a separate site) so as to appear as an integral part of a separate site. In this case you must purchase rights to use that image again for that separate domain.

Prices to use same images on a different domain by the same owner is 1/2 the base price of an image (or quantity discount).

Non-Profit Organizations

For registered non-profit organizations base price is $25 per image. After the first three photographs each additional image used is $10 for the license fee. Using 6 images on a web site would cost a non-profit organization $105.00.

Shipping Costs and Methods

Prices quoted do not include shipping costs if you want the images saved in a high-resolution format on a CD / ZIP or other type of media and shipped to you.

Images can, of course, be e-mailed.

TIFFs usually run 24 megabytes and JPGs are around 2 megabytes uncompressed. Both at 72 DPI *web* resolution.