Photographic Image License Fees

Limted Rights

To purchase usage rights for a category that is not listed please contact me.

American Express, MasterCard, VISA and Discover Cards AcceptedNote: Prices show are for use of a SINGLE IMAGE. Multiple image discounts prices are shown on a separate page hyper linked per category.

Category Fee
Web Sites $40.00
National Publication $250.00
Regional Publication $150.00
Speciality Interest Publications $100.00
Newspapers - - Large $150.00
Newspapers - - Medium $100.00
Newspapers - - Small $50.00
Newspapers - - local $25.00
Newsletter $75
Non-Profit $25

Definitions of use for categories

Shipping Costs and Methods

Prices quoted do not include shipping costs. USPS would be $3.30. Other methods would be exact costs incurred to ship.

Files can be shipped via many methods.

If e-mail is requested then files would be placed into the PKZIP format before being sent at no charge for files transfers if the aggregate file sizes are < 250,000 bytes (approximately five 72 DPI 400 x 600 images), else $3.30.

If sent via surface mail then files would be zipped onto spanned 1.4 megabyte diskettes as necessary. If more than three diskettes are used then an additional $1.00 is charged for every three or fractional set of three diskette used.

Other formats would require special handles and fees. Please call for formats and costs.

I can scan 35mm images at up to 2400 DPI at 24 bit color depth. This results in an approximate 24 megabyte image size. Otherwise, arrangements can be made to send the original (or duplicate) image to be self scanned.