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No matter how much you know today, you'll have to know more tomorrow.

HD Image Format Plug-in for Adobe CS2 and CS3

Microsoft, who is trying to get their HD file image format approved as a standard, has released a free plug-in that allows Adobe Photoshop CS2 and CS3 to read them. download at :

Also a version for MACs for 2 & 3.

This format is already supported in VISTA.

The selling point is that it allows high dynamic images and a wider gamut.

Photogs Must Wear Advertising Vests at NFL Games

In a BLOG post from CNet ( it was revealed that the latest NFL contract to gain access to the field REQUIRES all photographers to wear vests advertising Canon and Reebok. Why stop at the photographers? Make every reporter type person (even even radio announcers) wear them who are at the NFL game. If a Radio or TV wants to talk about it require them to mention Canon and Reebok (NFL is sponsored by Canon and Reebok. The Cowboys won again . . .). Why stop there? Any private venue can write into the terms of attendance that all reporters wear only their approved vests.  

As a private firm they CAN make up any rule they want and it gets back to that old adage "its my game so you have to play by my rules" is very much alive.

Shutterstock Trying to Get Press Ccredentials for Select Few

In an online blog early June 2007 I saw an announcement that they have plans to announce a program called Red Carpet to get high level users press credentials.

"The company will work to facilitate the acquisition of coveted press passes, whether at film premieres, awards shows, concerts or political rallies," the company said in a forum posting on Monday. "While taking steps to secure preferred access for its photographers, Shutterstock will expand its library of celebrity images, a popular category among buyers."

Shutterstock has 60,000+ image posting members.

Stephen Shankland posted this.

Getty Images Buys Another Online Image House

I saw in a news article that Getty Images bought out another online store called Scoopt out of Scotland.

It is unknown if Getty will retain the current 50-50 profit split that Scoopt had with the photographers when they licensed their images to news outlets.

Bruce Barnbaums "Art of Seeing" workshop.

July 27-29. Tuition is $160 limited to 12 students.

Many people feel that the essence of a photography workshop is to pick up upi camera, get out into the field, and start shooting. But there’s a great deal of real work preceding and accompanying shooting that is the real essence of the fine photography. What is needed, along with a camera, is the art of observation, the art of seeing, the art of noticing, and the art of imaging. This workshop will be strictly focused on those prerequisite and accompaniment to fine photography.
The workshop will concentrate on discussions, presentations, and in-death reviews. Bruce will show his own work, fully discussing what he saw, what he was looking for, how he composed the image with the available light and forms, how he imagined the final print would look while he was standing behind his camera (which largely determined the exposure and development of the negative), and the processes he used to go from the discovery in the field to the final image now in front of your eyes. He will solicit your own views on the images to see if they parallel, diverge, or go in the opposite direction of his own vision. This type of in-depth discussion and analysis and discussion brings out aspects of your own way of seeing and thinking that you may not be aware of, and helps give you directions for pursuing your own vision.
All participants’ in the workshop will be expected t bring between 10 and 20 of their images for additional in-depth discussion and analysis of each participants work. Al approaches are welcome: color, B&W, alternative processes, mixed media traditional photography or digital photographic processes.
The workshop will alternate between highly enlightening discussion/critiques of Bruce’s work and those of the participant's work. By the end of the workshop, you will have gained unimagined insight into your own interests and approaches to photography, in particular, and the entire realm of art, in general. This workshop will be held at Washington State University, Vancouver.
Visit Bruce Barnbaum’s Webster to see his work online at
To know more about this workshop and more about PPF visit or call Robert Brummitt at 503-614-0161

Frame World In Beaverton

New Art Gallery inside Frame World

Frame World, 12240 SW Broadway st. Beaverton, Oregon - across from Beaverton Bakery - is setting up the front if their store to be a art gallery.

Cube Gallery is the name. Phone 503-726-5625 for more information.

Greg Lewis has the first show running January 31 thru March 3; Reception 6:30 to 9:30 on the 31st.

Frame World is also installing digital printer on site. Can't remember the make & model of it.