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No matter how much you know today, you'll have to know more tomorrow.

Frame World In Beaverton Sale

Pink tag clearance sale!

Frame world 12240 SW Broadway st. Beaverton Oregon - across from Beaverton Bakery.

Clearing out art to make room for our new gallery art... Gallery 2 come see the remodel in progress and get a great deal on framed art.... No reasonable offer refused ...also.. Wholesale custom framing for everyone thru January. You may meet BBert Goo in person, better than Santa...... Happy "T" day also!

Go to and check out Barbie's cooking classes.. . Barb Randall eat local!

Need a Photo Manual?

Lose an instruction book - especially and modern camera - and you effectively cannot run it anymore. John S. Craig of Torrington Ct has over 80,000 different manuals for all types of camera gear. Complete inventory is online. P.O. Box 1637, Torrington, Ct 06890. Ph. 860-496-9791 Fax 860-496-0664. e-mail john @

Jon Sexton Book Signing December 3, 2006

For those in the Portland, Oregon area, I wanted to let you know that I will be presenting a lecture and book signing at the Portland Art Museum on Sunday, December 3rd at 1:30 PM.

The event is sponsored by the Photography Council of the Portland Art Museum and will be offered in the Whitwell Auditorium. The admission for Photography Council members will be $15.00 and the general public will be $25.00. Tickets are required and are available at the Museum box offices or by calling 503/226-0973. Following the lecture I will be signing copies of my new book, Recollections, along with my previous book, Places of Power.

I look forward to seeing some old friends, and making many new ones, when I present my new lecture, Recollections: Three Decades of Photographs, in Portland a week from Sunday.

Further information can be obtained from the Portland Art Museum by following this link:

If you find yourself with nothing else to do on December 3rd, it would be great to have some of you join me at the event. It's always more fun to give a presentation to a full, rather than empty, room!!!

Photographic Image Gallery Closing Dec 31, 2006!

After a few decades - and looking at a complete road / rail / remodel of the Old Town Area that will last two years - this artwork / poster / photo shop is closing.

Build a Better Photographer Community

Join ASPP - American Society of Picture Profressionals (PDF)

Download the attached form:
Send completed applications back to the National Office with my name - Tom Philo - clearly indicated as sponsor.

You will enjoy:

And many, many, more benefits!

Photolucida April 2007

Registration for Photolucida's 2007 Portfolio Reviews are now online! The conference will be held on April 12-15, 2007 at the Benson Hotel here in lovely Portland, Oregon. Reviewer Information and a Festival How-to Guide book will be available online in March for you to view and download!

Photolucida web site for 2007.

Art and the Law (of Copyright) Nov 4, 2006 at Photographer's Fanfare

Attorney Leonard DuBoff will be joinning Attorney Bert Krages on the "Art and Law' panel discussion on November 4th 2006.

Here is article about Mr. Duboff's book, "The Law (in plain english} for photographers. "The pertinent question every practicing photographer needs to ask himself is: "What do I need to know to protect myself legally as a photographer?" The author of this book, Leonard DuBoff, is a law professor at Lewis and Clark Law School, and a practicing attorney.

Topics covered include copyright protection, legal release, invasion of privacy, work for hire (my favorite), defamation, censorship and obscenity. Former White House photographer David Hume Kennerly said of this book, "It's as basic and valuable a tool as your light meter." In this age of over-litigation, he just might be right. Also included in this book are sample contracts and business forms such as release forms (including two adult-, a minor-, and a property-release form), agent contracts, delivery memos, invoices, (picture) holding forms, and copyright application forms, to name a few.

Also included are tax tips, information on organizing your business, a complete list of photographic organizations, and a thorough "further-reading" section.

If you're making money from photography, then you need a copy of this book in your permanent reference library." Photographic Magazine, February, 1990.

Sight and Insight A Workshop on Seeing in Photography with John Wimberley

. October 6-8th 2006 Tuition $150. limited to 10 students

The most important aspect of photography is seeing. While equipment and techniques have their place, it is the quality of seeing that determines whether a picture is successful or not. The most technically and aesthetically perfect photograph is a failure if the photographer didn't perceive the subject with insight. Light reflected from objects is recorded by the camera; but it is the job of the photographers eyes to see through surfaces to meaning hidden within.

In this exciting new workshop we will examine seeing from a number of perspectives including the differences between the visual scene and the photograph, how to best use one's eyes in photography, and the roles played by cultural and personal factors. We will learn exercises designed to relax, free and energize the eyes. Because all parts of the body and psyche are interconnected, we will examine the important roles played by posture, movement and the breath in seeing.

In addition, strategies for breaking through personal limitations will be presented. The difference between the physical eyes and the third eye - the energetic organ of insight - and how to use both together when photographing will be explored. The goal will be to have our pictures reflect an ever deeper, richer, more meaningful experience of the world.

This workshop is open to anyone with a camera, regardless of format or whether film or digital.

John Wimberley is one of America's preeminent landscape photographic artists. With forty years in photography, Johnís critically acclaimed work has been honored with more than fifty exhibitions and has been published around the world. His work is represented in more than four hundred public and private collections, including many major museums.

John is also a retired Yoga teacher and brings a body-centered perspective to teaching photography. Please visit his web site at For more information of this or any other PPF workshops? Visit or call or email robert at 503-614-0161, Thank you.  

Subburban Photo To Close!

This long time Beaverton photo firm will close at the end of September. The owner, after decades of running the business, has decided to retire.

Thus, the doors will close at the end of Septmeber for the shop across from the Beaverton Post Office.

They will stop taking in film for processing in early September to ensure that everything gets done before it is closed.

No dates as to when they will have their clearance sales of the goods in the shop.

Photographers' Fanfair

Portland Photographers Forum is hosting a "Celebration of Fine Art Photograophy." This includes lecture / panel discussions, book signings and print sales.

November 3-5, 2006 at the University of Portland. $15 entry per day and free on Sunday.

Some of the speakers that will be there: Steve Anchell, Ray Bidegain, Martha Casanave, John Wimberley.

Panel discussion includes Burt Krages on IP, Marketing with Ray Bidegain, your photography collection and books with Jeniifer Stoots and other panels.

Sunday includes a workshop on framing your photographs.


Blue Moon Camera and Machine
Staff Pinhole Photography Exhibit
August 28th – September 21st, 2006
Opening on Wednesday, August 30th
7 to 9 pm

Contributing artists include Zeb Andrews, Mary Culbertson, Nancy Guidry, Jake Shivery and Faulkner Short.

This singular show will provide a brief overview of the work of five photographers, each providing their own vision and aesthetic to the technique of pinhole photography.

'Pinhole photography' refers to the most basic form of photographic capture, utilizing a simple box camera with a very small hole instead of a lens.
Pinhole cameras employ no glass, coatings, image stabilization, or any of the other innovations found on modern cameras, just a small hole in a piece of thin metal. While usually made out of a box; paint cans, garbage cans, minivans and even pumpkins can be turned into pinhole cameras. The construction of the cameras, like the photography they produce is limited solely by the imagination of the photographer. The work on display for this show will include a variety of popular visual motifs, including portrait, landscape, and macro photography.

All work has been executed by the staff of the country's hardest-working camera store, Blue Moon Camera and Machine.

Digital Portrait Clinic in Portland

July 29th 9 till 4 will have both a portrait lighting plus posing session then a PhotoShop RAW workflow session in the afternoon.

$249 per person. Maximum of 8 people.


Dave Hutt and Mark Fitzgeral are the two giving the lessons.

Kodak Preservation DVD-R and CD-R Products

These are new CD and DVD disk that are made to preserve data for 100 years and 300 years respectively.

Made by KMP under license from Kodak,they use a reflective layer of 24-karat gold, which prevents the tarnish and oxidation that occur with common silver discs.

Like other tests, it is an estimate using accelerated aging techniques so it is only a educated guess on how long they last.

The 700-megabyte CD-R's cost $4 to $5, and the 4.7-gigabyte DVD-R's are about $1 more.

You will NEVER find it on Kodak's main site, they seem to have spun off this section into a new company.

Pro Photo Supply

The Biggest Sales Event of the Season
Dates: May 4, 5, & 6 2006
Time: 8:30am - 5:30pm Thur & Fri | 10:00am - 5:00pm Saturday
Where: Pro Photo Supply -

1112 NW 19th Ave, PortlandOR(directions)

Join us this May 4, 5, and 6 for the biggest Nikon sales event of the season! Huge discounts, instant rebates, and mail-in rebates on many Nikon Digital SLRs, Point & Shoots, lenses, and accessories. Nikon Factory Rep Kathy Inskeep will be on hand to help you with all your imaging questions.

Also on Saleat the Expo: Tamrac Bags 20% off! Kingston Cards 15% off! Hoya Filters 20% off! Factory Reps for these manufactures will be in store during the Nikon Expo!

Photo Glossary

Ever wonder what a photo term means to a firm? A new online non-profit hopes to define over 1,300 terms as it relates to image licensing is at Picture Licensing Universal System.

You have to join in order to access them however. So unless you spend from $75 to $125 you will never know what those terms mean.

Guess ignorance is bliss in this case - at least you can buy a few more memory cards from the oney you saved.

UPDig Digital Marketplace Guidelines

A site that hopes to make it easier for all people use digital photography work proceses easier is UPDIG - Universal Photographic Digital Imaging Guidelines.

Unlike, you can freely read the guidelines online.

Publish Your Own Book with BLURB.COM

Another online photo publishing firm that I came across is Blurb. You can publish your own photo books at a reasonable price.

Local Portland Pro Photo Supply Classes and Seminars

March is lighting month. Westcott, Lumedyne, Speedotron March 17-18, Profoto, Sekonic,, Opus March 22 and 29th, Bogen, Gitzo Elinchrome March 31-April 1.

For bird lovers they have an Oregon Zoo wildlife lecture series on March 28th at the Zoo banquet facilities.

Details see their Pro Photo's web site.

Fuji Stays Committed to Silver Based Film

From their press release January 19, 2006:

"We intend to continue our silver halide photography business and to further cultivate the culture of photography, and in so doing, continue to support our customers and retailers and all those who enjoy photography."

Nikon Will Stop Producing Most Film Cameras

On January 12, 2006 a Nikon spokesperson stated that the firm would halt production of all but two of its seven film cameras. Nikon would also stop making most lenses for those cameras.

Being vague the company did not give any details other than it will halt production of the film camera models "one by one."

My guess would be they would build the F6 and the F100.

Update March 1: F6 and the lowest end camera FM6 (?) stays. They should have kept the FM3A mechanical one.


A new year in 2006 means new photo seminars to attend all year long.

John & Barbara Gerlack March 18 in Portland for nature photos.