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No matter how much you know today, you'll have to know more tomorrow.

Nikon Recalls En-EL3 Batteries

En-EL3 batteries used on the D100, D70 and D50 models are being recalled. Sold separately as part number 26265.

Recall only affects those produced since May of 2004.

Chart on Nikon Web site explains how to find out if your battery is affected.

Replacement batteries are free.


Nikon D200 Out in December

Just in time for the winter purchasing season, the Nikon D200 has been set to be released in December. Pricey - $1,999.00 - but you do get a 10 megapixel camera, a larger viewfinder, and a large 2.5" LCD on the back.

Part of the selling is that it has been "hardened" against the elements and people who are using it.

Lens extra.

Course now you may be able to negociate a lower price for the D100 the stores have lying around . . .

Pro Photo Supply

Lots of classesand sales going on in Nov / Dec. Canon Days Nov 11-12, Fuji Day Nov 29, Hahnemuhle (paper) Dec 1, Tamron Days Dec 2-3, Kodak Days Dec 9-10.

Adobe Photoshop CS2 Tour

This comes to Portland Oregon's Convention Center on November 16 (a Wednesday) and costs $99. I attended one of these a few years ago and it is well worth it. See

I'll be attending again.

Pro Photo Supply Workshops

Digital Panorama Workshop Oct 13, Nikon School classes in late October and in November natur photographers. See for details.

Portland Photo Workshop

November 12 and 13 will have Laura Russell leading a workshop on creating custom photo books, brochures and other type of artist books. The class takes place at 320 SW Oak street 10 till 5 each day. $120 plus $20 in materials. e-mail slokeefe @ for details.

Laura just moved to Portland from Denver.

Digital Darkroom Workshops is having multiple workshops October thru December 2005. Check their website for details.

Pilgrimage In Art

On Oct 22 from 7 till 8 a free lecture and demonstartion of how art was created and funded will be held at the Holy Trinity Church at 13715 SW Walker Road in Beaverton. Sponsored by the Beaverton Arts Commission it will show how all the artwork inside this church was funded by word of mouth. It is given by the artist himself Greg J. Lewis.

Juried Art Show

Gresham City Hall has on display various art from a juried show. It is at the Visual Arts Gallery. A member of PPF has a photo on display in it. Artist reception is Oct 4 from 5- 6:30.

End of Era: No more Vivitar 283 and 285 Flashes

Somehow I missed all announcements from everywhere that Vivitar discontinued production of their stalwart 283 and 285 flashes.

I have two from 1980 - now with broken hot shoe nubs - that still work great. Maybe that is why!

I just bought three more new ones in September of 2005 before they are all gone from stores.

The equivalent is a Sunpak 383. Same guide number and specs - but of course different battery compartment and accessories.

I like to KNOW what power is being put out so I can adjust the power to match the F stop I want, or match the camera F stop to the power of the flash. Automation removes that ability in 90% of the cases. The 283/285 series allowed that ability off-camera.

The Vivitar 285 has a zoom function - pull out the fresnel lens to match light coverate to 35, 50 or a 105 lens, slide in filters in front, and it comes with diffusion filter for 28mm lens flash coverage. It is larger than 283 due to the zoom function and weights more too, the zoom gives maybe 1 stop more light when zoomed and goes farther than a 283 since the light beam is focused.

Portland Photographers Forum Presents

Two Photographic visions:
Ryuijie Douglas and Martha Casanave

Free lecture
Friday, August 19 2005, 7-9:00pm
at the Beaverton Resource Center
12500 SW Allen Blvd.

Two of the finest west coast photographers are giving a free lecture and show of work. They will discuss how they approach their work, how they like to experiment with different ways of producing their work and share how photography is a wonderful medium for expression. There will be actual prints as well as slides during the lecture. If you love photography then you must come to this free lecture. For samples of the speakers work go to or

The date is August 19 2005. Starting at 7:00pm. This is a free lecture! There will be questions and answer and time to meet the artist afterward the lecture.

If you have any questions about the lecture or about Portland Photographers Forum contact Robert Brummitt at 503-614-0161 or by email at robert8x10 @ or visit the PPF website at

Portland Photographers Forum is a non profit organization that promotes fine art photography and photographers.

Workshops In the Pacific Northwest

See 360-750-1103, for payment details.

8-5 each day.

Outdoor Photographer Workshop in Seattle

Outdoor Photogapher Aug 20-21 in Seattle with Daniel J. Cox & Bruce Dale. See their web site for signup details. $49 and $89 (two days).

PPF Workshops

PPF has two other workshops happening this year. In July, we’re having Roy Harrington come up from Los Altos, California and lead a two and half day Black and White Digital Printing Workshop. Roy and I met last summer at the View Camera Conference. His digital work comes as close to analog wet printing as I’ve seen. This will be a hands on workshop were Roy will share how and what materials he uses to create his prints. With Kodak now leaving traditional B&W printing, this leaves some of us searching for new ways to express our work. Visit Roy’s site at The workshop is July 16-17th at Mt. Hood Community College with a fieldtrip into the Gorge on July 15th. Tuition is $330.

The next workshop is a great one! From August 19-21st, we will be having the “Art of Seeing” with Ryuijie Douglas and Martha Casanave. This workshop will be broken into three sections, first is landscape, then still life and finally figure. Ryuijie is a wonderful photographer whos work I had admire for some time. What I find most important about his work is that he is always exploring for his photography. Martha is equally an explorer. She is currently using pin hole camera alone the California coast. Visit their website, The workshop is $380 and is limited to 9. So the ratio is 9 students to 2 instructors. I have two openings so contact me asap if you are interested as I will also open this to general PPF membership as well. 503-614-0161 Robert's number to contact for more information and registration.

Kodak Stops Manufacturing B&W Papers

On Wednesday, June 15, 2005, in Rochester, New York, Eastman Kodak Company, announced it would discontinue the production of all black and white photographic papers. Kodak cited significant declines in market usage of papers designed for Black-and-White printing as the reason for the decision.

Going to Ilford's web site will allow you to see what the Ilford equivalents to the now discontinued Kodak papers are by clicking on the 'Monochrome Products Availability List' link.

"Nigerian" Wedding Scam Going On

A variation of the famous "Nigerian" Finance Scam is starting to make the rounds.

The variation is that a person contracts with a photographer asking them to photograph a wedding - and willing to pay whatever travel fees, hotel fees, and plus the normal wedding fees that is necessary to do so.

I got one from a person in London England saying they wanted someone outside the local area to take the pictures - and I live in Portland Oregon!

Then the scam works the same as before: sending a cashiers check (faked) that is way over the amount needed, then asking for a refund via Western Union (exchange rate error); and, of course, a few weeks later the cashiers check comes back as faked and bounces - and you are held liable for the whole amount plus what you "refunded."

This person was stating the wedding was in the Bethnal Green area of London at York Hall, Bethnal Green, London, England E1 4UN.

Pro Photo Supply Events In June

Digital Darkroom Class on Adobe Photoshop CS RAW Image Files

May 9, 10 in Portland. Monday 10 till 1, Tuesday 7 till 10 PM. $89.95. Contact 503-977-2400 or go to Digital Darkroom web site. May 9, 10 - 1PM

$74.95 before May 1st, 89.95 afterwards

503-977-2400 POC mark @
The Digital Darkroom
5303 SW 49th Drive
Portland, Oregon 97221

HP Hooks Snapfish

HP completed the purchase of Snapfish online photo processing site in April of 2005.

I expect to see the printer, ink, and processing features of Snapfish more coordinated and marketed to push HP printer people to use Snapfish for large prints as well as multiple copy prints.

Ilford Develops Into A New Firm

From a press release by them


Title: Ilford move secures black-and-white future

Date: 9 March 2005

It's good news at last for black-and-white photographers - following last month's management buyout, Ilford Photo says that not only will it continue its current range of monochrome products, it also plans to reintroduce abandoned lines.

According to managing director Phil Harris, the company will retain all existing film lines except SFX200, as well as all existing papers and liquid chemistry. Dry chemistry products, warmtone developers and a number of abandoned papers will be reintroduced over the next few months, and the company hopes to enter new markets such as glass plate coating.

Harris explained: 'The current item list was generated by the receivers for maximum efficiency, so we will reintroduce old lists. For example, we are the only company in the world that can coat glass plates, so while it would not be a big part of our business, we want to consider it. We are committed to black-and-white.'

Ilford Photos was created last month after Ilford Imaging Group's UK arm completed a management buy-out. The team acquired the manufacturing and sales and distribution of the Mobberley plant and, according to Harris, will retain the 380 staff now employed there.

Ilford went into receivership in September 2004, at which point the Mobberley workforce was slashed in half. Ilford Imaging Group's Swiss, French, Australian and US businesses are all up for sale, while its German and Italian arms have gone into receivership.

The new company can only use the Ilford brand for its silver-based black-and-white products, and is not allowed to compete with the Swiss branch's inkjet business using the Ilford name. It is also contracted to provide coating for the Swiss branch's inkjet business for the next two years, unless this arm ceases to produce inkjets after it is sold. However, Ilford Photos has established a secondary brand named after the company's original founder - Harman Technology - to allow it to expand into other areas.

Harris explained: 'The core technology at Mobberley can coat very thin high quality layers that has many non-imaging applications - for example, medical uses. We anticipate that could become up to 20% of our business, under the Harman brand.'

Harris was optimistic about the future, despite Ilford's difficulties over the past year. He said: 'Ilford Photo is profitable and solvent.

The receiver had to decide whether to keep the company trading or not, but we had such great support from our customers that the business came back up off the floor. Black-and-white has been declining by 5-7% per year, and last year it declined by 20-30%. I think next year it will be the same, then the decline will flatten out as we reach the core market of fine art, student and specialist black-and-white photographers. We plan to be the last man standing in black-and-white imaging.'

Source: © Incisive Media Investments Ltd 2004

New Photo Magazine Out

The Loupe, getting ready to be published soon from Sharon Cohen-Powers and Niki Barrie under the company name of Loupe Media, 162 W Park Avenue, Long Beach, New York 11561. From their e-mailing: "This biannual magazine is an innovative vehicle to showcase your photo stories and concepts to the people who buy rights."

So this is geared toward stock photographers wanting to sell their images to others.

Desktop Digital Lab Wedding Album

Desktop Digital Lab now has an online digital uploading of images to produce a wedding album using one of their 120 different formats. Like above, this is geared toward the professional wedding photographer and not general consumers.

New 8 MegaPixel Cameras on the Market

Here is a short list of new 8 new digital cameras: Konica Minolta DImage A200, Canon PowerShot Pro 1, Nikon Coolpix 8800 (spend the extra $$ to get the VR® lens and movie mode instead of the the Nikon Coolpix 8400), Olympus Evolt E300 and Canon EOS 350D.

Course if you are a film camera the lastest Nikon - the F6 - is now out. The F6 may be the last Pro film camera Nikon puts into the market for decades to come.

Still Video Hybrids

Coming out now are digital cameras that function like video cameras - and video cameras that can double as still in a pinch.

The Casio Exilim Pro EX-P505 takes 640-by-480-pixel (TV-quality) as well as being a 5 megapixel camera JVC Everio GZ-MC100 is another example. The Sony Cyber-shot DSC-M1 is a well known brand that also performs this feat.

Like any hybrid, there are tradeoffs. Is it better to have a still doing video than a video doing still? You have to use each camera and find out to be sure.

Portland Art Museum

March 4 is David Byme, March 6 Diane Arbus, and March 16th is Joyce Tenneson. See their web site at Portland Arts Museum for ticket prices and details.

Photographic Image Gallery

Photographic Image Gallery is having a Jazz Band on Thursday February17, 7-9 PM. Asides from good images that you can purchase there now you can listen as you buy. Photographic Image Gallery, 79 Southwest Oak Street, Portland, Oregon 97204 503-224-3543.

Free and open to the public. Part of the Portland Jazz Festival this year.

Women In Photography International

Photo contest deadline is May 1, 2005.

"Beauty: Camera Eye of the Beholder" is an international juried online photographic exhibition of works by female photographers exploring the concept of beauty.

TIMELINE: 2 for the Price of 1 Entry Special - ends February 28, 2005 Entry Deadline - May 1, 2005 Notification of Acceptance - May 30, 2005 Exhibit Dates - June 1 - August 1, 2005

Go to for details for the online submittal process.

Digital Black & White Printing Workshop

Roy Harrington is putting on a workshop for B&W printing by computer from July 16 thru 18th 2005. Tuition is $335 and limited to the first 16 poeple who pay / reserve a slot.

You will need to know Photoshop and Mac Computers.

It will cover: Print and film scanning, Photoshop, Epson injet printers, Inksets, papers, and software including Epson driver and QuadToneRIP.

Mentioin this workshop and send a $100 deposit to: Portland Photographers Forum, P.O. Box 5643, Portland Oregon 97228-5643.

Phone 503-614-0161 for more details or e-mail to: robert8x10 @

Self Publishing Your Own Book

Another site that allows people to publish their own book is Lulu . I came across them due to finding out about a new online / offline magazine called JPG Magazine which uses Lulu to allow you to print on demand their magazine.

Lulu also offers other services like calendar printing, photobooks, and other items.

Nikon Coolpix 8800

Replacing the 8700 the 8 Megapixel Nikon now comes with VR® - Vibration Reduction technology ported over from the SLR lens line. The ISO is reduced down to ASA 400 but now has USB 2.0 as a connection to your PC.

Fuji S-3

The Fuji S-3 (Which I saw a preview of at my local Portland Photographers Forum monthly meeting three months ago) is way above the Nikon 8800 - it is designed and delivers professional digital images with a full range of extra features that is hard to describe.

It is best to rent any camera for a week from a professional shop before committing to a purchase. The way you work may not mesh with the way a camera works.

Adobe Photoshop Conference & Expo - March 8-10 2005 Las Vegas, NV

For info. and registration visit or 800-738-8513 or 813-433-5006 Sponsor: The National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP)

Observation on Digital Camera vs Analog Camera Use

The PPF editor in the January 2005 newsletter has a good article on general observation about how people work with a digital camera compared to an analog (film) camera. Good reading.

New Nikons, Canons, Sigma Cameras Out

The Christmas season saw the release of many new digital cameras.

Olympus E-1

Olympus E-1 is the first camera to incorporate Kodak's 5-megapixel Four Thirds (4:3) CCD. Most other CCDs are 3:2 so less image is lost in cropping to produce common enlargements such as 8-by-10 and 11-by-14.

Nikon Rebates in Effect

ON select models like D70, D100, D1X with reabates ranging from $100 to $500. Most rebates will end Dec 31, 2004. Check your local camera dealer for details. Some rebates end on 31 January 2005.