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No matter how much you know today, you'll have to know more tomorrow.

Olympus E-1

Olympus E-1 is the first camera to incorporate Kodak's 5-megapixel Four Thirds (4:3) CCD. Most other CCDs are 3:2 so less image is lost in cropping to produce common enlargements such as 8-by-10 and 11-by-14.

Nikon Rebates in Effect

ON select models like D70, D100, D1X with reabates ranging from $100 to $500. Most rebates will end Dec 31, 2004. Check your local camera dealer for details.

Pro Photo Supply Canon Days

November 12th and 13th Pro Photo Supply in Portland will be having a "Canon Days" event.

They now have a film and digital Lab in the shop.

Pro Photo Supply Nikon Days

October 28th thru 30th Pro Photo Supply in Portland will be having a "Nikon Day" event.

They now have a film and digital Lab in the shop.

New Photo Format for Digital Cameras?

Adobe Systems announced that they have put into the public domain a new digital photo format to try and become an industry standard. Also released was a tool designed to convert photos to that format from the many that are used today.

The tool allows users to translate and store raw files in different formats without image loss (which what happens when RAW / NEF / whatever is converted out of native format in the camera).

Need to get a slide made from a Digital Image?

One lab that takes digital images and makes slides is and it costs around about $4 per slide plus shipping.

Camera News

Fuji's S3 Pro (digital) 12.3 mega pixel camera is now out on the marketplace. With a new sensor setup -two sets in the camera one to capture highlights one for shadow is the best way to describe it - uses Nikon lens on the Fuji body giving professionals another camera body / system / option to choose from.

Minolta took the camera shakes problem and created their solution by putting it into their new Maxxum 7D (digital) 6.1 mega pixel camera body itself. The vibration reduction method they used (VR is trademarked by Nikon I believe) allows all lens to take advantage of this feature instead of building the technology into each lens.

In the film world a new camera from Russia, allow you to take panoramic pictures with their new Horizon S3 Pro. It uses a rotating lens setup to capture 120 degree by 45 degree panoramas.

A new photographers camera vest is out being sold by Quantaray. Available through one of the many Ritz Camera center companies.

New Photo Software for Fall 2004

Jasc came out with Paint Shop Pro 9 in September 2004 ($110 or so), also in September Adobe came out with Photoshop Elements 3 (retail for $100 or so), and Microsoft came out with its $130 Digital Image Suite 10 in August.

New Photo Image Sensors from Kodak to IBM

Kodak has been trying for decades to become a digital player by making cameras and components. In September of 2004 Kodak announced that they are licensing their photo sensors to IBM who will then use their CMOS manufacturing ability to make them smaller, consuming less power and thus noise, and market them to other frims. They are betting that the two of them will digital imaging better either one individually could.

Plans are to put the new sensors into cameras and cell phones.

Create your Own Legal Postage Stamps launched this services in the USA in June of 2004. You upload your own photos to them and they create a legal set of stamps using your picture - and then you use them legally to send mail in the USA.
Pretty cool.

Beaverton Arts Commission Seminar

Professional Development Lecture:
"Legal Considerations for Artist"
Presented by the Beaverton Arts Commission.
What is consignment? How can you protect ideas or images? What are the considerations in contracts for public art? What are your rights and responsibilities as an artist? These are a few questions that will be addressed.
Speakers are Kohel Haver, who has a practice based in copyrights, intellectual property, publishing,and arts and entertainment. Bert Krages, who has writen the "Legal handbook for Photographers" and William Scheiderich, a city attorney with Beaverton who prepares and reviews all consignment contracts for the BAC.
This is a Free lecture at the Beaverton City Library Auditorium. 12375 SW 5th. The date and time is Sept. 11th 2004 from 10:30am to 12:30pm.
For more information call the BAC at this number 503-526-2288

Summer Photo Seminars

These are now out in force. has a few high profile ones in San Francisco and San Diego.

Locally, you can check in the issues of PhotoMedia (a free magazine) to find out about local seminars.

New Liquid Lens Invented

A press release at talks about this new invention by Phillips.

Photographic Arts Workshops

Visit to find out this year's schedule of workshops.

New Professional Association

Professional Digital Imaging Association (PDIA) was announced Feb 2004. Their web site is:

The emphasis for this association is on using inkjet printers.

Photo eBooks

On this site you will find valuable information, software, and excellent eBooks:

Julian Jackson eBooks
Internet Marketing for Photographers
Picture Research in a Digital Age
Top Internet Marketing Techniques

Carry On Baggage

Photographic Carry-On Expanded

From their press release at

"Thanks to the efforts of ASMP and the cooperation and understanding of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), working photographers and other members of the traveling public may now take on board an additional piece of carry-on baggage containing photographic equipment. This means that you are allowed to carry on two bags—when at least one is photographic equipment—along with a personal item. This accommodation will make it easier to travel for working photographers with sensitive and valuable equipment. Document Checkers are being informed at this time of the change in Transportation Security Administration regulations. The TSA has said to go ahead at this time and take advantage of the new policy.

"Be advised that some Document Checkers may not be aware of the change in policy, and this will require your speaking to the airline's customer service personnel. Also, the additional bag must conform to the carry-on regulations for size and weight. There will still be occasions when there simply is no space available on board for additional carry-on, and this will require checking a bag."

See my Tom's Travel Tips page for more information when traveling with photo gear.

Deleted an Image from your Digital Camera by Accident?

In Woody's XP Watch he found a company that sell a product that will recover that accidentally deleted file. Software Shelf sells it for $29.95. Like any file recovery utility it works best if you do not save (take) any pictures with the camera before you attempt an un-delete.

Coffee Table Books of your Own

The latest rage in online photo sharing is creating your very own photo album, one that’s printed on glossy paper and hardbound like a real book.

The coffee table-style photo book, available from, makes an ideal gift for family and friends. You choose the pictures, design the layout, select photo borders, and more in a book of 10 to 50 pages. It’s one of the coolest ways yet to share your digital photographs.

Way to avoid glasses with Photography?

I saw this ad in one of my aviation related online newsletters.

CONVERT YOUR SUNGLASSES TO BIFOCALS WITH OPTX-20/20 HYDROTAC LENSES These micro-thin, optically clear, flexible, removable and reusable magnifying lenses turn your favorite sunglasses, safety glasses, computer glasses, helmet visor, or ski/dive goggles into bifocals for less than $20! Available in six magnifications from 1.25 to 3.00 diopters. These and other medical and safety products are available at or by calling 1-888-362-7123.