Reno National Air Races 2006 Unlimited, Formula 1, AT-6, Sport and Jet Aircraft Racers

From my Nikon Cameras. All thumbnails link to larger image. Most around 35k in size.

2003 Reno National Air Races
2002 Reno National Air Races
2001 Reno National Air Races
2000 Reno National Air Races
Reno National Air Races: Miss Ashley crashing in 1999
1996 Reno National Air Races

For 2006 I went to the Reno National Air Races with specific ideas of what pictures that I wanted to take.

As an added benefit the US Thunderbirds were the big visiting airshow act so I have videos of them as well as the F-18 Super Hornet, the Heritage Flyby (Navy and Air Force versions see below) plus lots of visiting static and competing aircraft.

I also had my Nikon 5700 which can take video clips (up to 60 seconds) and so I took used it extensively - you really need to hear aircraft as well as see them during a race.

Lickety Split Team Picture at Reno 2006
Bud Granley in the blue flight suit on the wing raced Lickety Split into
2nd Place Silver in 2006 AT-6 / SNJ class races on Sunday Sept 17, 2006 in
this team photo taken in the pits.

As always there are lots of various aircraft around the flightlines and in the air. The Heritage Flight is a group of pilots who coordinate with modern aircraft and do formation fly-bys at airshows. Reno, being the best combination of airshow and air racing in the world had them there too.

Heritage Flight Of WW II fighters
In Formation an F-15 Eagle, P-51 D in lead, with
another P-51 in the Slot, with an F-4J Phantom
on the inside.

I took this picture from around 1,000 feet away using 800 speed film and a 300mm lens.

Of course Reno lasts for a week so they do lots more flight demonstrations than at other airshows.

More images and videos will be posted onto here as I edit them.