Customer Comments

Written Testimonials

Here are a few of the e-mailed comments that I have received over the years.

I swear some of those pictures look like you used some kind of backdrop behind us. It's almost unbelievable. One that really stands out was of us walking through the parking lot at the resort. You were behind a bush or something and from there you took a picture of the bush with us in the middle of the picture. The only bummer about that one was we are so far away. You have a real good eye for turning photographs into an art form.

Absolutely, you can use me for a referral.

I can't wait to see us on the World Wide Web! Let me know when I can check them out.

Tom, you were a pleasure to hire. I must admit, I was very stressed about our wedding day because I hired you, the DJ - Steve, and Aron over the net and never got to meet you - until it was show time. I would recommend you (and the others) for any wedding west of the Mass/NY border!!! Seriously, you were all great and any future wedding that doesn't include you...My condolences to that couple.

Jim Mulligan

Also, I really enjoyed your entire web site. In the six months I have been on the web, I haven't found any so unselfish and enjoyable. Thanks again.

Harrowgate @

I just read over the rest of your web site. I am so interested. I grew up during WWll My dad was in aircraft. I know he flew planes but he exaggerated so much. I couldn't say for sure just what he did. My sister and I grew up sleeping in the back seat of the car in hangers breathing aviation fuel. We were in Texas Southern Ca. Washington , He worked with Howard Hughes. for a while in Culver City Ca. His name was Clarance Unroe HE was called Larry, I doubt if he is remembered by anyone, if he is he probably owed them money. We lived on Compton airport in 1949 There was a Stockade in back of the house for old war planes. My sister and I played in them. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.


I happened to visit your web page "". I am quite impressed to browse through your photography web site. You have got an amazing collection of portfolios! The photograph featuring the wedding is fabulous! The site has been crafted in a very professional manner with lots of information about your expert services. The white background in conjunction with the deep sky blue color combinations and the marvelous photographs add to the attractiveness. My compliments for your wonderful venture as well as the excellent web site. I am sure you must have already received an wonderful feedback about the photography web site.

— Mark Richard

Thanks so much for your promptness- I really appreciate you working so quickly to get me another print.  This time it was successful- the picture is magnificent!  I will let you know how it turns out after I have it framed. 

It was a pleasure doing business with you. 

I will definitely keep you in mind for future prints. 

Thanks again for everything!

Kathy D.; Glastonbury, CT

(FedEx had crushed the mailing tube with the 16 x 20 print the first time it was sent on Wednesday which arrived Thursday so I had to print up another one and FedEx it again to her so she could get it by Saturday.)